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New Owner Of A Is300, Need Some Assistance

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Hi all,

Coming from a Nissan turbo car in my experienc. i just recently moved to an IS300 and loving it atm.

Just have a few queries. Car has just done over the 140,000kms,

Just wondering what are the common issues I need to look out for?

I use to service my prev car every 5000kms, with the Engine oil and oil filter change.

With the lexus, can I service every 10,000kms? It is just a normaly daily i use. I dont thrash it like what i did with my old car lol.

Also will adding a pod filter to the IS300 improve response and performance or would I lose low end power?

My interior has a few bad scratch marks on the edges from previous owner, was wondering if that can be repaired or are parts easily sourced from wreckers? in Sydney

Sorry for all the noob questions... thanks,

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You'll be looking at a cambelt change at 150K along with fuel filter, transmission, brake & diff oil. As you can see from the chart below the factory service schedule is 15K, you'd want to be using a decent synthetic 5w30 & genuine filter for this though. If you're going to use semi-syn then drop it back to 10K.

Front lower ball joints are pretty common on these although they may have been changed already, most don't seem to make it past 100K.


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