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Imported Lexus Ls400

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Good morning and hi to all the Lexus owners out there! We are a couple in WA who have a 1996 LS400 in mint condition. It is an import from Singapore and when the gearbox stopped working we found out it wasn't too easy to get repaired/replaced! Does anyone know a specific place here in Perth that knows about Lexus (other than dealers as they are only interested in replacement not repair which is very costly) and can shed some light on the repair of the gearbox? Other than that we will have to let the car go for parts etc. We really just need a hand in getting information on what to do next!! We went and spoke to a reputable gearbox place who unfortunately can't do the repair for a set price so it's really hit and miss if a) it can be repaired at all and B) what the cost will end up being!

Any advice would be appreciated and further details can be provided.

Cheers Jen and Charlie

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