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Looking To Buy A Lexus Ls430 - Please Help!


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Hello to all you Lexus enthusiasts! I am writing from chilly Hobart. I am potentially considering purchasing a Lexus LS430. I took one for a test drive the other day and it was AMAZING.

I am very fussy with everything in my life, and cars are no exception. I want one in absolutely mint condition, low mileage with full service history at Lexus dealer. Also colour - I am dead set on a beige interior with either a black exterior or preferably that lovely midnight blue shade. Would anyone know of one for sale that may fit this description? I would be willing to pay $30,000 for one - which seems about on par with what is on the market for a car of this condition and specifications.

I drove a 2002 model. I notice the MY2004 update was much better and had quite a few extras as standard that used to be optional. The 2002 was lovely to drive but quite basic without the rear extras or the navigation screen. Would you consider it worth forking out the extra for a MY2004? The wheels on the latter also give it a bit more character. I also heard the MY2004 gets the Mark Levinson system. A friend used to own one, and his words to describe the sound system were "off the f***ing chain" and "mental". I listen to a lot of classical so I want a very deep, echoey, concert hall sounding system with excellent bass that sounds like sitting in the Opera House. I heard the cars have Digital Sound Processing too which is excellent - Concert Hall setting is AMAZING for classical!

I have also been considering a late 80's 20,000 series Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. They are magnificent cars but somewhere, somehow, I fear some heart stopping repairs should something fail. The local Hobart based Rolls Royce mechanic assures me buying a late 80's Rolls Royce is cheaper maintenance than a Lexus LS430 as they are old and straightforward mechanically without complex electrics, but I am not sure. They also use a heinous amount of fuel.

On that topic, what sort of fuel consumption could I expect with an LS430 around the city? I am guessing about the 15 litres per 100km mark.

Any sort of assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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