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Ls400 Suddenly Not Running Right, Any Ideas ?

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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas about the Lexus LS400 1993, We were driving along it was running as it should and just like a click of a switch it had no acceleration and a slight vibration coming from the motor under acceleration, when the car is sitting still at idle it sounds like its got a slight sore throat and the slightest of rough running so slight that the engine is still stable and not rocking on idle,,, I have a tune up kit with plugs leads dizzy caps, rotor buttons and coils so I will try that tomorrow thinking maybe one coil may have packed up,,,
How many petrol pumps are on these cars, it seems like half of the motor is running but its still relatively smooth running.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, maybe some things I can check out tomorrow, thank you

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Favourite is the ignition coil mounted down the passenger side of the engine opposite the battery tray, also check the routing of the wire from the coil to the distributor cap as if not fitted correctly it can be damaged by the covers.

If you are planning on replacing all the ignition components it should sort the problem.

Another indication of a failed coil is the cats will glow red after a short drive, don't leave things too long as they will suffer damage.

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