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Hi guys,

I'm just wondering does anyone know what T10 Parking lights that I could use in order to match the stock 4300k HID's that my IS250 comes with.

- I've tried the T10 LED SMD type bulbs off ebay but they're too white and give off the slightest hint of blue verses' the white/slight yellow look of the HID's.

Thanks :)

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You could try the normal t10 filament bulbs but with the blue coating so its abit more whiter than stock.
philips make them as well as many others.

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With the ones for ebay, are they direct replacements?

I have also looked at http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-T10-LED-Super-Intensity-White-Bulbs-Front-Light-Parking-Super-Flux-Globe-SMD-/320782466921?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4ab01fff69&_uhb=1 and it does mention about the OBC.

It says, 'as OBC) that bulb out message will appear on your dash board. If your car has OBC that you will need a pair of relay harness to cancel out error message (additional cost applied).'.

Do our Lexus IS250 have the OBC?

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hi, everyone. Just spent 15 mins and replaced the parkers cause one of them was already blown.

Here's a quick pic/documentation i put together which I hope could be of a good reference.

The LED bulbs were purchased from ebay and they matched perfectly with my 5000K HIDs. Couldn't be happier.




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