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Steering Wheel Airbag Connectors Is300/200

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Sorry in advance but I am not a Lexus owner I'm one of the JZX crowd looking to dabble in some finese for my baby

As the title states, I'm looking for airbag connectors from the is300 or 200. reason being, I have a JZX110 currently going through compliance and although the importers have said we can get you a wheel no dramas (came with a momo drift wheel) they still can't find one so I'm going around doing ground work on the Lexus and JZX forums to find something that fits. I don't have any pictures of what the connection looks like but the guys at Top Secret Imports know what they need.

This is not yet a wanted to buy thread just and information thread so once I know what I'm dealing with then I will create the appropriate thread.

If anyone has a IS wheel off of their car can they please take a photo of the end of the aibag connection and the clock spring in behind it.

Any help with this would be awesome. For those that don't know what te JZX110 looks like



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Fantastic news for both of us. Once you take it off would you be able to send some pics through of the connection and the back of the steering wheel? Are you keeping your clock spring or is the 250 version coming with one?

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  • Not sure on the clockspring, I need to check the IS250 wheel I have to confirm. I am definitely switching out the airbag ignite as 1IS only supports single stage.

Check this link: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/sc-400-300/619989-is250-steering-wheel-in-a-sc400.html

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