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Tires For The Isf


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As I am looking for new tyres soon, I thought it would be good to have the information in the one thread.

Basic information, car year, manufacturer, sizes, how many km's they lasted or you think they are good for and some general thoughts.

Also if anyone has heard any recommendations or what they intend to use next.

Me first obviously.

2009 Car

OEM tyres were Bridgestones, RE050A, 225/40 and 255/35.

Lasted about 20K.

Not much to say, the tyres were pretty good, I was just disappointed in the km's from them.

Next Set. Michelin Pilot Super Sports, 245/35 and 265/30.

Currently at 30K with another 4 or 5K left.

Excellent tyre, pricey but a definite step up from the Bridgestones in handling or is that the size change? I like the fact I'm getting around 35K from them.

Over to you guys.


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