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Fuel Problem

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I was removing my tyre to check my brake pad and after putting everything back together, started the car and saw that the fuel consumption was jumping around ranging from 3.1 to 30L/100.

Also went on the freeway at about 100km/h to test but nothing happened.

Anyone had this problem before?

If so how did you fix it?


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G'day mark, welcome to the club.

I'm not sure I understand the problem, so perhaps you could elaborate. When you say the fuel consumption is jumping around, do you mean the instantaneous readout, or the average (or average since refuelling)? Is this happening while driving or idling (or both)? Is the tank full or empty or somewhere between?

Regardless I can't see how checking the brake pads can affect the fuel readout unless you somehow managed to disturb a fuel system wire or cable. AFAIK these don't run through the wheel wells so think it's more likely a coincidence that this happened when you checked the pads.

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