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Hi guys I have has my is200 for a little over 2 years now and want to get a bit more power out of it.

Seeing that I am a mechanic for Toyota and have very basic knowledge when it comes to turbos and experience in power tuning and in saying that I would like to change my block with a 1ggte block and keep my head so I don't have to change ecu.my questions are what turbo to use?, what other parts am I looking at other then front mount, turbo, piping, injectors and any opinions people may have about me doing this.

Thanks anyone's input would help heaps

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Yea I know that it won't be legal be that the engine number will be for a old engine but being a mechanic i know people in the trade to keep me on the road, theoretically speaking the head should bolt straight up being that they are both from the g family right quote me if I'm wrong. The hole turbo thing is what I'm in the dark I don't know how they are rated what size works well for what engine etc. so if someone could fill me in that would be great.

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hey mate

how are you going with this?

I live in Qld and also work for Toyota haha,

I have just purchased a 1ggte and I currently have a 1gfe turbo is200.

Are you swapping in the whole bottom end? I cant find much on the net but it seems a lot of people just swap the internals into the 1gfe block.

As far as I have read it all bolts up to the car and box only need to change the sump to the 1gfe one (good time to tap the oil return)

, but I can find info on if the timing belts fit and how to keep the vvti. (external oil feed ect.

I have a vtec swapped Honda as well, I used a oil sandwich plate on that setup and it works fine, was going to run the same idea on the 1ggte/fe

now info for you :

I have a 1jz turbo manifold which I cut the mounting bracket off and welded a 1gfe one on so it bolts up, then I mounted a t4 to t2 plate to the other end to fit a t28R turbo.

I tapped onto the water lines just up near the back of the head (they kind of loop 180)

oil feed from next to oil filter there was a bolt. and return to sump. (all braided line and speedflow fittings)

Im running a Greddy ultimate ecu running a mild 6psi making 182hp atw.

look forward to hearing your reply, would be good if we can both get these hybrids up and boosting :D

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