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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone here has heard/come across an ETCSi override gizmo, the JZX100 crowd have one, but the 1JZ TB is different to ours.

I am not asking to break the sound barrier, everyone who has an IS200 knows there not bult for straight line speed standard.. Mine is an auto, and i am happy with the performance, when you are 'allowed' to use WOT... but the bloody throttle body limits you to a fraction of this for most of 1st gear, and 2nd gear till about 4300rpm, when you can hear a defined audiable 'change' almost like VVTi-L / Vtec lift, which it the throttle finally getting to 100%.. overtaking and anything above 70km/h is what i would call acceptable, but anything under that is on the brink of being dangerous! can't pull out of most roundabouts/driveways/intersections without giving yourself twice as much room as you would normally...

PWR button, TRC etc doesn't seem to change this much at all..

i don't think an SAFC/SAFC II would change anything, i think that altering the feedback/damand voltages that the TPS and throttle sees would be the best way to go about it.

just asking you thoughts.


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You can hear what i mean with the throttle opening at about 42/4300rpm (about 70km/h)... the car actually comes to life! it would be great to be able get full throttle all the time!

a mates Manual one that we turbocharged about 7 years ago didn't seem to be too worried by it, obviously boost helps over come a doughey throttle curve, i know why toyota have used a semi electronic throttle, the gear changes and part throttle is just beautiful and seemless, much nicer than any 4 spd auto around the same era..

i wouldn't even mind losing the snow/trc function if it ment that i could just drive the car normally.

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