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Uzz31 Stereo Amps?

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I am trying to find any information about the factory stereo in my UZZ31 Soarer. It has the EMV screen fitted but was not optioned with the sub speaker in the back, instead it HAD an "air purification unit"[ Note I say it HAD, no room for sub with that in the boot] I've put band expanders on the radio tuner with no problems, but the stereo sounds so "whimpy" even without the sub, I would have thought it would have some balls to the sound. No matter how I set the graghic equalizer it always sounds "toppy" no bass.

Is anyone aware if these cars are fitted with amplifiers from the factory?

I'm going to fit all new JBL component speakers front and rear as well as a sub with small amp, but it be easier to know if any of these electonic boxes I have found under the front of back seat are amplifiers or the box under the CD changer.

Actually, does anyone know what that bow is under the CD changer?



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The stock amp is very pathetic in the ol' Soarer. VERY.

Not to mention any you would pick up second hand these days (Dont contemplate getting a Toyota branded new one) would be 10years-ish old.

Check out what Jaycar has on offer. Very clear and high quality sound with great response, lots of power as well. Very cost effective pricing as well.

You might wanna bounce on over to SoarerCentral.com for some actually helpful advice. Plenty of gurus there with years and years of experience.

Another handy site to stick your nose into is Reepa.com

Reepa knows his stuff! =P

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