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Hey Guys Your Advice/ Questions

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I have a few questions and would love your advice guys so here goes.

Lately with rain here in Sydney and the overcast sky's that go with it I have felt the want to install daylight running lights but instead of those crappy looking strip type lights I've been thinking of putting in high powered halo rings and hooking them up as drls only.


my other option is to find something dark enough and transperant enough to cover the light sensor on the dash so they can come on earlier in the evening or when it's raining. This however makes reading the speedo harder! what does everyone recommend? I don't want to cheapen the look of my Lexus but want to make sure it's seen in the early evening or on these rainy days.

I prefer to keep my lights in the auto position which is why I'm asking!

Next question did any of the is200s come with an LSD diff? Been trying to find out but with out jacking it up or ripping tyres to pieces it's hard so I'm asking the question here. Is there an axle code ore something perhaps?

Cheers guys

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Have you got factory fog lamps? You could just replace the halogen HB4 bulbs with LED ones or replace them with something like this http://www.narva.com.au/products/detail/9-33v-led-daytime-running-lamp-kit-with-adjustable-bracket14753/noheaders/1/?KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=500&width=720&modal=true&parent=driving-fog-lamps-popup-layout

You could put them on a separate switch/circuit if you didn't want your tail lamps & dash bulbs illuminated.

I've also seen people insert LEDs into the factory spot lamp blanks, I can't find any pictures though. Saw it on a forum a while ago

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eBay has plenty of angel eye conversion kits. The front lights aren't terribly difficult to disassemble. Good opportunity to upgrade to HID instead of the stock IS200 halogen lights (assuming you have a Sports and not a Sports Luxury).

I don't believe the IS200 came with an optional LSD - iS300 only.

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