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Should I Bring Her Home?

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Hi guys,

I am a kiwi based in London at the moment and do the daily grind in a '92 LS400 UCF10 that I have become rather attached too. Are there a lot of series 1 cars available? I have looked on the auto trader website and wasn't impressed with the range. You can pick up a good high mileage unit for £2k as no-one wants to pay for the petrol! Is it worth me bringing her home?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



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In a word, no. That's $5kNZ plus shipping and GST Say $8 plus GST, = $9k.. I just paid $9500 for a near mint GenII with 100kms (62miles). Doesn't seem worth the bother does it?

A very good point, however have you driven yours around the Nurburgring? I have! I have owned it for long enough to avoid paying GST but have been told that the law in NZ has changed as far as frontal impact regulations or something like that.

Can anyone shed so light on the facts of importing these days?

Also whats the cost of insurance on these things third party now? Is the insuranc estill calculated on engine capacity?

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