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Is / Altezza Body Kits

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Wont they have to be modified because of the crash bar on the US spec cars?

Hey Lextcy:

I m sorry, its my bad, I though we can't have the US bodykits...we can fit the US bodykit onto our IS200/300 Altezza etc, but those guys in the US can't have our one...LOL there problem...LOL...if they want our Euro / JDM Bumper...they will have to remove their crash bar, so that if they have a accident they wont get insaurance and its also illegal...screw illegal, ITS ALL LEGAL UNTIL U GET CAUGHT!!! but otherwise it wont fit due to the crash bar they have, we have crash bar too but its different....:D


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I know the C-One distributor for Hong Kong and China.

If there is enough demand, perhaps I can even arrange a groupbuy with them. :lol:

Enough demand? how many people mod there lexus over here? I know so far there are only 2 real 3 real moded IS in NZ, 2 IS200 and my IS300.....

AAG690 - Blue Mica - 19" Chromes, 5% Tints, TV, PS2, Kings Super Lows - some after market spoiler etc

AZP818 - Remus Exhaust - Some Aftermarket Shift Knob - 17" MAK Wheels - OEM Spoiler etc

APP188(me) check my sig

....thats the 3 really moded IS's, I know that there are a few , no way going to be more than 10, with leguna bodykits, you are probly looking at 5 in the whole country, Aussie will be a better market, we will have to do some club promotion over ther aye?


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Nah, it's a real pain in the ass to talk directly to these Japanese companies.

In addition, their shipping costs are very high.

I would try a US vendor (I got my springs sourced from the US) or, even better,

buy me an airticket to Hong Kong. :)

Most JDM stuff is also available in HK and often at a lower price than Japan.

HK also offers much better shipping rates compared to Japan or US.

I will get my next mod from HK. :) :) :)


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