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Hi would be keen to hear about any performance & or fuel efficiency mods anyones done on the car yet ?

Hear of a lot of people trying after market exhausts, (can be quite noisy ?) chipping them, changing intake systems, filters etc, has it made a noticeable difference ?

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Hey, have read a couple of posts where people have said much the same, changes the note, but no noticeable power improvement ?

No difference in economy, ? & is it louder whilst driving, or just on start up ?

Maybe the exhaust is the way to go

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Louder under full throttle from mid to high end revs. Rest of it is slim to no aural difference. Dont know about econmoy; probably slim to mo differnece either. What are you after for your car? Power?

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Both really i guess, wouldn't bother with the CAI , if all i does is increase the noise, i can turn my stereo up for that :)

Have heard most after market exhaust systems do both, (power & economy) but i hear a lot are quite noisy, which i don't really want. Not fussed on the noise, if it was an ISF, then yes !

Be interesting to hear from people who have fitted one & the before & after difference ?

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You have to do you homework on aftermarket exhausts because more often that not from the diff back (the part that makes the noise) is just mindless drone. I have read good things about the Lexus F exhaust though. Do you do a lot of long trips? The drone on the exhaust (depending on how loud you go) can be irritating. For my track car - I HATE doing long trips in it because the exhaust is so monotonous when driving at 2000-3000 constantly - above 4000 it comes alive!

What sort of power are you chasing? Chances are an exhaust will give you bugger all jump in power (from both a real figure and the seat of your pants feeling); it will improve sound though.

CAI increases induction noise so you can hear the engine do its thing when your pushing on. The above is the reason why I went CAI because it only makes a noise when you want it to (ie upper end of revs).

PS if you want proper power - 2JZ conversion!

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I installed Lexus F Sport CAI. No noticeable performance or fuel economy change. Nice induction noise on track.

Just had my car used by the guys at Xforce to blueprint a new catback style exhaust which will have the Varex mufflers fitted to the back end. Being cat back it shouldn't cause any issues with Oxygen sensors etc.

Varex system has a remote control butterfly flap that lets you control whether the exhaust is muffled or straight through.

Attached video is the sound when open. When closed it sounded pretty much stock.

Final exhaust is currently being built along with jigs to mass produce. I will post more details when it's fitted.

My mate also had one blueprinted for his IS-F.

If you want to register interest in one of the exhausts, contact Dean at Xforce 02 8999 6346 or go to www.xforce.com.au



IS350 Exhaust.wmv

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Hi Cartee,

I've had the production version of the XForce exhaust with Varex mufflers fitted to my IS350 F Sport for a little over a month now. Could not be happier. With the Varex set to closed the car is as quiet as stock. When open it has a really nice note. I regularly run the freeway with the exhaust open and there is no nasty drone.

Will be doing a track day in August and looking forward to hearing it open at track speed.

Lexus of Chatswood are in discussion with XForce to supply and fit these exhausts.


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Does anybody have the Invidia Mid Pipe fitted to the IS350? I already have the Fsport CAI and it sounds great when accelerating, but i want even more of a grunty noise when accelerating and i think the addition of the Invidia Mid Pipe would be awesome..

Anyone know if i can buy the Mid Pipe from anyone here in Sydney? Or do i need to buy from Ebay in the USA? The last group buy on this forum i can see was a couple of years ago..

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