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Sc400 1991-1994


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hows it goin, im a first time user of this forum and i require some help on what you think of the sc400 as im considering purchasing one. I'm currently 18 and im on my P's and require a car that is much more reliable than the one i have at the moment, iv considered going for a Ford or Holden but have had bad experiences with both and have done a bit of research on the sc400 and found that it has had some pretty good write ups on how reliable they are mechanically as they use toyota motors, i havent, however, been able to find any thing on what they cost to insure, if theyr expensive to maintain if parts are expensive for them considering theyr imports. Id greatly appreciate your help on this.

Thank you

*If there is a link for this topic i have posted id be most grateful if u could give it to me

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Long answer: Awesome car. The v8 engine is a quality motor with plenty of power for cruising. All the mechanics are next to indestructable. Replacement parts are redily available through your nearest Toyota dealer. Insurance is a doosy however. Given your age and the kind of car it is, expect to cough up $2500ish a year and three lungs.

If you have money, the v8 Soarers have a great upgrade path to follow which involves the magic supercharger.

Dont discount the 1jz though. It may have less luxury features, but it makes up for it in POWAH! (Clarkson would be proud!)

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As and owner of one of these supurb vehicles for the past several years, I can tell you that it is one of the most mechanically sound cars I have ever owned. The factory V8 is just about as bullet proof as they come. I don't know of anyone that has ever blown up one of these engines and neither does the service department at Lexus. During my years of owership, I have not had to do anything but normal servicing to the car.

There are a few things that you should look for when purchacing one and they are common to all Lexus/Toyota soarers or GTs.

The air con grills tend to crack, the uphostery on the doors above the speakers tend to split, and the LCD panels are prone to black out. The front suspension bushings will need to be replaced if they are squeeking which is normal for them to need replacement at this age. All of these are repairable but you might as well find one that is in good shape to start with.

Parts are not really hard to come by as the engine is also available in the V8 Landcruiser and these cars can be serviced by Toyota which is a lot cheaper than taking it ot Lexus. Any other help can also be had thru the Australian Lexus Soarers club.

How decent any car is, would be dependent on who has previously owned it, but these cars are pretty good at taking quite a bit of abuse and still go strong.


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