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Looking To Upgrade My10 Isf To A My12. Any Difference.

Peter G

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Hi guys, i have a MY10 ISF at the moment and am looking at upgrading to the MY12 or MY13. Besides the obvious DRL lights and dashboard what is the difference in ride, power and overall performance. TIA.

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From my driving experience - MY09/10 vs MY11.

The ride of '11 is slightly smoother, it's not as hard as the '10.

Also, due to the Slip diff, the back end is less bumpier under acceleration from a corner. I've only tested this on the road under normal (but spirited) driving conditions - I'm sure it will be much more pronounced on a track when driving in anger !

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Few more difference - On the MY11 you can disable the electronic stability control completely for a 'session' (it will reset after an engine restart though). On older models (pre '09 I think), you had to do the foot dance.

With MY11, you cannot override the Nav input restriction (once the vehicle is moving the GPS unit doesn't allow you to type) or perform telephone contact lookups (you can still speed dial). On pre'10 or '09 models I believe there was a hidden menu on the Nav screen which allowed to disable these by putting the car in diagnostics/technician mode.

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