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Navigation Systems - Denso Vs Aisin

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I am really hoping that someone can help me.

I imported my UK Lexus RX400h to Australia a few months ago. I am trying to get Australian maps loaded on to the navigation unit.

The problem (as I understand it so please correct me if I am wrong) is that the UK uses an AISIN formatted disk and Australia uses a DENSO formatted disk.

I cannot seem to find any Australian maps in the AISIN format (which would probably work) but am finding plenty in the DENSO format (which is no use to me).

Has anyone encountered this problem before?

If so how did you solve it?

Any practical or technical advice about this issue would be highly appreciated.



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Why pay that outrageous price every year for those discs, and they can't keep up with all the tunnels being built in Brisbane?

There is an app that I run in iPad - it is called Metroview, updates free for life and often too

It is an Aussie GPS and it is awesome, only $24, never use the Lexus GPS again

But hey, Google for iTunes discounts, right now Coles have gift cards for 20% off

And at Harvey Norman, get 2 x $20 cards for 25% off

Can't beat that :)

Moderator can delete if they think I'm selling but I'm not, I just like the product

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