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Is 200 Newb Experience - Upgrading Head Unit And Speakers.

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Just thought I should share my experience with fellow newbies on upgrading the stereo in my IS 200 as I have come across a bit of confusing info on the forums and wanted to share my learnings.

I love my 2002 IS 200 Caliente but the premium sound package was sounding a bit worn after 14 years of service and the previous owner had a Kenwood DVD player head unit that was showing its age.

I want all the latest mod cons in the car such as Bluetooth, DAB+, Reversing Camera and smartphone integration. I found the Pioneer AVH-X3600DAB head unit with the mirrorlink adapter which ticked all my technology boxes plus more. I also got a pair of Pioneer 17 inch speakers for the front and some 16 x 9's for the back. I'm leaving the tweeters alone as the factory ones still sound nice and it is very hard to find tweeters that you can replace them while still keeping the original cover in the door. I'm a bit of a pioneer fan over the years so I stuck with all the same components.

Not being the best at auto electrical installations I got my local trusty mechanic (any one who wants a good reliable and cost effective mechanic in Sydney Northern Suburbs feel free to PM me.) to do the install.

Couple of issues so far

1. Pioneer Double Din head unit does not fit nicely into the Lexus IS200 Facia kit. - We have to cut the plastic at the bottom to get it to sit nicely. The previous Kenwood unit had a Customer Single Din adaptor made out of MDF and screws. Will Post a picture when I get it back from the workshop. You have to see it to believe it.

2. Deep Front speakers need a mount made for them to hold the front speakers. There are some forums on DIY ones made from MDF but we are trying to find any commercial kits available.

3. Rear Speakers are 7x10s not 6x9s! I only measured the speakers across the top and didn't take them out to check how big the whole was. :( Seeing if there is a 7 x 10 to 6 x 9 mounting adapter available any where otherwise I might have a pair of 6 x 9's to sell.

I've run into the poor fuel economy issue and had the oxygen sensor replaced as I'm currently running at 14.5 l/100 kms. The lexus part guys confirmed that I should be getting 9-10 l / 100kms.

Also replaced the cabin filter as the the previous owner was a smoker and the car smells like dead ciggies when I start it in the morning. :)

I'm also attempting a DIY TTE super charger build so will post more when I'm further down the track. The tricky part which is the cradle is being shipped from the UK. Just needs to put all the other bits together.

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I shouldn't post late at night. :)

Yes. 17cm / 6.5 inch speakers in the front. Had to drill out the original speakers and use a spacer to hold the new speakers in place.

Found a universal bracket that let me mount the 6x9s in the 7x10 hole. Made out of MDF and painted black.

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