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Long Time Member - Recent Is300H Acquisition


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Hi All - Thought I'd introduce myself - Live in Sydney and I've recently picked up an IS300H Luxury in Starlight Black with the enhancement pack 1 and I'm really enjoying it.

Things on my "to do" list:

  1. Work out if it's possible to mod/tweak to interact with the Nav system when not at a complete stop
  2. Work out how to increase the # of blinks from the lane change indicator
  3. Buy a set of F-Sport 18" Rims
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the New IS is a very nice car!, good choice!, definitely turns heads,

on #3, there is a custom set of black 18" FSport wheels for sale here (by another member) : http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/12600-2014-is-fsport-18in-wheels-custom-black/

i have a set on my 2IS (stock F sport paint) and they look amazing. quite pricey tho. but worth it!

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Thanks for that - Have reached out via PM as the thread was locked

They look great on your 2IS - I'd actually much rather get them in the stock f sport colour too. Not sure how the black rims would go with a black car.

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Where did you pick yours up from by the way?

bought them off a 2014 IS 350, the owner bought bigger aftermarket wheels, so the 'F sport wheels' were put on gumtree, i was first to respond :)

also had wheel locks included, i paid just over $2k,

i'd also recommend buying Locally (pickup),

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1 - yes, forgot the name of the device but its a dvd / nav bypass that lets you watch dvd's / use the nav if the car is moving - just google that one should come up.

2 - video on youtube, but its for US spec - I have attempted it and it didnt work.

enjoy! :)

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@STORMIS - Am keeping a close eye on the local market so will hopefully spot a set soon enough

@Vaku - Thanks I gave that tutorial a crack and got to the point of setting the # of blinks but I couldn't get it to save - the combination must differ for our region

@Duj - Definitely feels peppier than the 250 but the response is still a little sluggish unless in Sports mode. I'm using it as a commuter into the city though so pep isn't a huge factor for me - I have another outlet in my CBR600RR :D

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