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Dvd Player - Gps For Es300


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Hi all,

I know I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to fix my dilemma of a faulty DVD laser eye for my GPS DVD reader. Like most of you Lexus was going to ask for up to $1800 for a new unit. The car sound guys down the road wanted $700 alone for the part from China. But I found and researched a better plan 'B'. Since the common fault was the DVD mechanism (includes the eye), I searched for just that. And BOOM! AliExpress had one for around $200 to $214 which includes postage. The model number you need is a DVS 100V. I had my local guys fit this new mechanism in (very small parts and difficult to play around with) and now it works a charm. Very happy, now works very well. Even the who installed it wanted to know who my supplier was...lol. I hope this helps you guys as this did for me, nowhere on the net showed a simple and cost effective way of fixing this. Buying the unit second hand is a big risk of the same issue reoccurring.

My car details as below:

2001 Lexus ES300 MCV30R

Quick Tip as well use Toy DIY for parts descriptions only. Great for references and research which assisted me greatly! http://www.toyodiy.com/

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