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Hi all.

I tried buying a heap of stuff off amazon ( really
cheap compared to australia and available ) only to find out they dont
ship to oz.

Im trying to source front and rear seat filters, a
K n N high flow air filter and a rear cabin filter ( the one in the
boot ) and front rotors.

does anyone know of somewhere online that does deliver to oz?

also does anyone know how to replace rear seat filters?


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Hi Smilingjack.

Easy mate. Just contact a forwarding agent in the USA and then you can get the goods sent to their warehouse, and they will then send over here for you.

Sounds complicated, but really very easy. One I've used is "Shipito.com" but there are plenty.

They charge a minimal fee (couple of dollars) and you just have to pay the shipping cost to Oz (which you would have anyway).

Shame the Aussie dollar is so bad at the moment though. Makes the parts a bit dearer again.

Ah well.......



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I will give them a try.

does anyone know of a part number or supplier for the rear cabin filter located in the boot. lexus want $400 for one and $160 each for the tiny front seat filters.

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