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Perth Gs300


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Hi All. i recently picked up a 2000 GS300. I wanted a reliable, smooth ride so what better than a 2j with silky smooth vvt-i.Going for the VIP look (rims, coilovers, tint, exhaust) I thought better open her up first and change all fluids,timing belt, plugs, leads etc.


fine so far but after further delving discovered the harmonic balancer was cracked. So a new one was fitted along with an original radiator and hoses as the original had a crack. Other work which was done all at once lists as follows;

  • New Optima yellow battery
  • New spark plugs and leads
  • Cleaned air mass meter and throttle body
  • New water pump, thermostat, cam and crank seals
  • New timing belt, tensioner and hydraulic tensioner.
  • Cleaned VVT-i controller filter.
  • New braided brake lines(bit better response over factory) and flushed brake system.
  • Installed 2nd hand TRD cat back exhaust.
  • Replaced both upstream O2 sensors.
  • Installed 2nd hand Cusco coilovers
  • New intank fuel filter
  • Installed genuine Pivot voltage stabilizer and earth kit.
  • Extra cold air ram and another hole cut into air box for added air.
  • Spare tire and tow bar removal (less 50kg)
  • Engine cover delete (heat soak)

After all this was done it really transformed everything about the car. drove like new and stopped a bit sharper. Exhaust isnt loud and really opens the 2j up. Especially up high as it now pulls like a kiddy fiddla at a wiggles concert after 80km/hr. Dont know if its the earthing kit/voltage stabilizer or extra air but i dont have to put my foot down as far on the loud pedal to invoke a response. Probably better on petrol too which is always 98 RON

post-8513-0-07679500-1448741988_thumb.pn extra cold air ram

post-8513-0-42574300-1448741667_thumb.pn Rims are SSR Viennas. 10's rear.9's front. (cant remember offset) Tires are Kumhos 225/40 R18 (f) 265/35 R18 ®

Future plans are tint, front lip (ordered from ebay and coming mid month) sound system upgrade, maybe a strut brace. bigger tires front to fill out guards and smaller ones rear to clear guards as scrapping occasionally.

Thanks all. comments and suggestions appreciated.

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I think I forgot to mention the 5litres of Mobil 1 5w-50 oil change and engine flush prior. Also new toyota air filter which flows better than aftermarket. As some of them ive noticed have solid sides which impede air flow. cheers

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