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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know the location of the remote receiver is? I got a dashcam installed but after the installation I need to get real close(approx 1m) to my car for it to open. when I disconnect the dashcam the remote works fine (3m+ distance).

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to fix this prob..?

Any suggestions will be nice!

Thanks in advance!

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I recently installed a two channel dash cam in my 2008 IS without issue. I connected power into the overhead module connector then ran the second channel cable around the roof line on the drivers side to the centre of the back window. I don't have any problems with my remote. I believe there is a sensor in the boot but have no idea where the others might be. My model doesn't have the drop down sunglass holder, it is there but not able to be opened easily, when you prise it open (to access the overhead module screws) the intrusion detection motion sensor is where your sunglasses would normally be. Not sure if any of that is helpful ?!

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Thanks for the reply Tasweb, I connected mine to the fuse box under the steering wheel(Both gound and Acc) going through the A pillar and the back camera same as yours. I heard about connecting it on to the overhead module but had no idea how to do it. Same as yours I dont have a sunglass holder, I think and I am not sure the thing that is in the overhead module is a GPS? maybe? was it easy to connect it to the overhead module? its funny because the remote works fine when I disconnect the main power of the dashcam, assuming there is an interference of the remote signal I am having difficulties finding where the remote receiver is located.. I think I can fix them if I know where it is...

But please let me know if you have any suggestions. 


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The device in the sunglass holder isn't the GPS, it is the motion detector for the alarm system. There is a sticker on it to that effect. The sunglass holder is still hinged, it just doesn't have the nice push to release fastener on the front edge. You can open it by very carefully prising it open at both corners on the edge closest to the rear seat. The two screws to remove the overhead unit are inside.

There is a large connector inside that powers the sunroof, interior lights etc. I followed a guide I found somewhere but ended up using a meter to find earth, accessory and ignition for the power magic box. I stripped and soldered to those three wires. I didn't record which ones they were and I don't really want to risk damage to the plastic by trying to open it again to check. There is heaps of room inside there to put the cigarette lighter outlet, excess cable and power magic box.

As you said, I suspect your power run must be somewhere close to the remote receiver or maybe the battery in your remote is getting low? Have you tried a different remote fob or maybe try changing the batteries before you do anything drastic with wiring.

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