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Hi everyone,

I've found an IS250 I'm interested seriously in purchasing, however the main issue is that there's no logbook with the car.
It's being sold through a used car dealer and they've said it just cannot be found / tracked down.

I have contacted a Lexus dealer in the area and they have told me they can do pre-vehicle purchase inspections at a fee.
That same (official Lexus) dealer has also said the car last came through them in 2012.

How much of a risk do you think it is purchasing this car? 
Any ballpark % figures in a discount to reasonably expect compared to the market price for a similar vehicle?

If I take out the inspection through Lexus and it comes up all clean and fine, would this be enough for piece of mind?
I am more than happy to maintain the servicing schedule and documentation once it would come into my possession.

Also, does anyone know if Lexus themselves sells logbooks, or would I be better off going to a wreckers or something?
I can at least hopefully get the Lexus dealer to corroborate servicing up until 2012 and stamp up a new logbook, if I was able to source one. Otherwise, I assume they'll have paperwork which I will ask a copy for.

I'm not too worried about future sale value as I'm happy to explain to any prospective buyers the steps I took before buying the car, and of course I'd have documented everything whilst I owned it.

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Buddy i cant tell you what to do but personally i would never buy a Lexus without FULL service history let alone no logbook. Turns alot of people away. And the fact that you cannot find service history since 2012 could mean anything. If it hasnt done a service in 4 years then you could eventually be up for a new motor. Is it really worth the risk and is it really that cheap. Otherwise there are plenty of other IS250s with books and history. Good luck.

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I'd have to agree with Peter G,  that no logbook or recent history would be a red flag not to go ahead with purchase. There may be a legitimate reason for not having any documentation but why take the risk.  I'd walk away and keep looking  

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I say have a crack at it...

If the body is good, oils are fine and everything is clean and tidy, its doesn't blow smoke and changes through the auto good, well the no books deal is your bargaining strength for a cheaper car.. 

As for the new engine cost maybe needed down the track, look on ebay as you can get a V6 IS250 engine with low kms (70,000kms) from $500 ready to fit from a wrecker, its only a simple V6 and I have been thinking of getting a spare engine to have in the shed ready to go if mine blows up. they are cheap!! 

Get a panel shop to check it out and a mechanic to look over it..... To easy. 



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