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Hi all, I suspect someone must have posted something on this but I can't seem to find anything obvious!
I purchased a used Smart card key off eBay with the intention of having it reprogrammed to work with my 2007 LS 460 however, after investigating the cost of having it reprogrammed (I haven't even gone to Lexus, I expect the price to be off the charts) I'm now thinking about buying either an OBDII programmer that plugs into the OBDII socket or paying a bit more for a key programmer so that I have the potential of programming further keys in the future. The price of these is considerably less than having someone do the programming for me.

Has anyone got or had any experience doing this themselves that could share their wisdom with me and no doubt many others?

incidentally, I just saw a great video on YouTube with a guy programming a new Key by opening and closing doors, pumping the accelerator etc with no programming tool whatsoever. Is that possible for the Smart Card Key?

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Hmm. Not sure why they wouldn't be able to be programmed.

I decided to buy the OBDII plug and I'll attempt to program it through the car. It cost just over $13 so not much of a risk. I'll continue the thread with some instructions and feedback when it arrives in a couple of weeks.

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Hi PMD008,

It is possible to reprogram a used key although a lot of hassle. If it's a new key, OBDII with Techstream is a piece of cake - you just have to press add a new key and hold it to your button. 

Used keys are a bit more work. The info's definitely out there, I just can't recall how to do it but more than likely you'd have to go to the dealer for that one (and even then I think most of them wouldn't know how to do it). 

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OK, here's the heads up!

Not great news...for me at any rate! Hopefully however, this can help others to not waste time and money following the paths that I tried.

There are some knowledgeable members on this forum and perhaps next time I'll pay more attention!

My OBDII plug in device off eBay failed before I could even try to copy from my existing key.

i then took the Smart Card Key to my Lexus dealership who said that they would program the key for $77 AUD, however, a previously programmed smart card CANNOT be re programmed or re flashed. If you purchase a Smart Key off eBay, it must not have been previously programmed otherwise you're wasting your money. In Australia, Lexus will charge you $957 AUD for a new Smart Card.

You can buy a key cheaper from overseas but they must have the same ID numbers.

i hope this information helps a few people.

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Hi! I know it's old topic but there is a possibility to program the used smart key.

I just bought used smart key for my 2004 Celsior. I took it to Toyota and they got it working half way. I can start my car with it but I can't open the door locks with remote. And also the smart function doesn't work... Doors won't unlock when touching handles or lock when pressing that small button next to door handle. Also I need to put it in ignition switch to start the car.

It might be that it needs that new smart card from Lexus.

That remote function is programmed by opening and closing doors. I can do that for my master key but the used key I bought causes error message when pressing buttons on the remote when programming.

I was using Techstream but I can't find menu for smart key programming. Toyota IT2 would work as that's what they used (or something similar) at Toyota.

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I have a 2002 Celsior and have managed to program another smart key in .

I have the smart key part working but not the buttons for some reason ??

I'll post up the procedure tomorrow .

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