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1UZ engine rebuilt referrals,

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HI, In the coming year or two I think we will be deciding to rebuild the motor in our 93 LS400, 
I understand that will cost more than the car is worth but we do love the car and choose it over any new cars.
Also it was my wifes grandfathers car so it has some sentimental value for her as well. 

So I would like to know if anyone has had a Lexus V8 rebuilt in South Australia, who they used and what
they think of the service they got. I have had one price of 10k plus just to rebuild the motor but I am having trouble understanding that
it would be so high when it is basically the same work as any other V8 motor, maybe a bit more being all alloy, but not 3 to 4 times more
than a standard V8, maybe I am wrong but I need to understand this a bit better if I need to pay 10k plus.

We would be getting other things bought up to scratch like suspension so we should be back to a virtually new ride.
Oh and that would be extra on top of the 10k aprox, price I got.

So please if you have had your Lexus V8 rebuilt I would love to hear from you, any information you have to offer, advice,
place you went to and a rough idea on your cost.

Thank you in advance if anyone replies but I almost don't expect any.

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Has anyone ever rebuilt their 1uz even in other states, any info and price comparisons would be good, we are not desperate to do it yet but I like to plan ahead.
The other idea I had was getting a sourer with low klms on it because I see them often, if I found one of them with low k's and the motor looked and sounded as it should and the rest of the car looked like the low k's maybe it could be a good change over motor,
Any opinions on low k change overs from a soarer, they seem to be cheap with low klms where as the LS400 is rare with low k's

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