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0-100 Times


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Just wondering what sort of times you guys are recording 0-100. Ive read these cars can do 4.6-4.7 seconds but surely once you add intake (plus other mods), do a proper launch etc, these times must be dropping into the low 4s

Be interested to know. TIA

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I have only been able to test on rubbish (proper rubbish) roads in the country, I had to leave traction on as it would just completely light the tyres up if i didnt (even with LSD). By nursing it, and keeping traction on, i could only manage 4.9s, using Harry's Lap Timer GP. / Kiwi 3 dongle.

I have:

  • Widened primaries
  • Widened cats
  • X-Force exhaust
  • Tune
  • Intake pipe and filter.

I gained about 40kw at the wheels with the mods, so yes with some new tyres (these are post track days and skid pan days), good roads, i would expect low 4's.

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