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Lexus Enform App

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Agree it does crash even on IOS however the functionality in Australia is limited to what is available in the US.

I've used it for destination downloads, brilliant, and I've used it for finding cheap petrol, also brilliant. I'm not really sure how the time to destination works and how accurate it is and it seems to conflict with the native map guidance so not sure what's going on there. It is what it is I guess, if only saving you time trying to enter destinations when you get in the car then it's excellent.

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I almost completely agree with Dutchy - Destination Download is great. Anyone who complains about using Remote Touch for entering destinations (particularly journos) hasn’t discovered Enform. It beats both a joystick/touchpad OR a wheel. I do wish they went back to using HERE Maps instead of TomTom, then I’d say Destination Download is “brilliant”. Downloading the TomTom maps is painfully slow.

Fuel Finder is also good, but it shows the latest prices for service stations that have closed down (either for renovations, or permanently). If, in an area you don’t travel through often, you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is.

In general, I’m glad that Enform uses my phone’s 3G/4G SIM instead of requiring the car to have its own SIM. But the lack of apps compared to the US, and the fact that it’s not a seamless user experience between Enform and the main infotainment interface, is a little disappointing.





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