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Any possible keen wollongong is200 heads out there and keen to meet and cruises as a future posibility?

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Hi fellow is200 heads : ),

I'm new on this board but joined some time back now.

Anyhow, I guess I will write a bit about myself first seeing as I'm new at posting on this board and have been really starting to appreciate the lexus is200 - is300 range.

At first I wasn't totally and fully sold on my lexus is200 as purchased via a family at first as it had a totally new feel from going from my forester I guess to be honest.

Since owning the car and constantly seeing all of the other is200's with lot's looking clean as and all variations in colour and set up just made me look further into the is200's and looking to purchase an is300 to Turbo etc down the path, I thought I would try my luck and see if there's anyone close to the gong keen to chat, meet up's and possible future is200 cruises even is300's welcomed : )





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I'm new to the IS world as well with the purchase of my IS20  last September and have come to really enjoy its handling and how flexible it is to customizing.

I'm in the Albion Park area so hit me up if you ever want to chat or swap ideas about these cars.  I currently have two IS200's now - bought one as a spares car but its too good to pull apart so I'm either going to re-register it and sell it or build it up as something special.  I have a manual gearbox almost ready to swap into it cause I hate auto's.



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Cheers for the reply 😁 It's been a while since I was on here last but as my transmission is starting to slip and I cannot for the life of me find the Repair Manual here anywhere  I'm now trying to see if someone can help out on here. You wouldn't happen to be able to help me out with that by any chance? Would be much appreciated 😊

I would love to do a conversion and super charge mine lol but I think it's just not the right time for it as far as how many k's my 2000 model has on her. I may look at dropping another engine in as it's been well cared for and is a nice car but with a conversion I think it would be more of a weapon plus a supercharger. An is300 is my dream with a manual conversion and a bigger engine upgrade but just possibilities for a nearer future if I decide to go down either route.

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