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Used 2010 Lexus IS250 F Sport?


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Hi fellow members! Im new to these forums.

Found a 2010 Lexus Is250 F Sport for $16,000 (Made an offer and owner said $15.5k) and has run 137,000 Km.

Had more questions about the car and the owner said that there was a service history book, Roadworthy certificate, Rego etc. and it sounded pretty promising. He said he was the 2nd owner of the car and told me the car has been garaged and he apparently driven barely 500 km with it due to his work commitments. 

I was wondering if the car was worth getting with such high km and also this will be my first car and still on my green P's (Been driving parents 0'3 Corolla for a few years now). Plus what the approximate costs would be to service and maintain the car.

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Also say where in Oz you are so people can make recommendations on servicing.

I would see no issues going to an independent for servicing.

If you Google service on that car you will get a fair indication of prices from associated workshops.

If there are any safety issues etc Lexus would of contacted the owner(s) previously.

137,000 is not a high mileage for the majority of cars now days, just sounds a lot as its over 100,000 😄


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