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  1. Meths or rubbing alcohol is ok but sandpaper will take off the thin silver plate. Use a bit of an old stocking etc.
  2. There are old posts from a few years ago I think. Not too many getting modded now as the parts are hard to get. Go with your heart. You wont see any improvements other than sound imo.
  3. Hi and welcome. What do you want to know. mine is an 2012 IS350 Fsport 🙂
  4. That will be the day 😞
  5. Some after market head units have a set up menu that allows you to map buttons. This is assuming the standard loom see's the buttons.
  6. Firstly I would get your mechanic to use a known oil pressure gauge to check oil pressure. I would also get a couple of oil analysis done to see what wear there is. I would also get a compression check done. THEN I would start chasing up a rebuild if needed.. Prob be a lot cheaper than another 2nd hand engine swap.
  7. Lexus states a lower pressure than nominal. IMO Try 36 for starters. Steering feel will improve as well.
  8. I put Michelin PS4 on my IS350. I run them at 38psi all around. Wear is very even. Very happy with the grip including in the wet. A lot less Yellow light flashing. 🙂 2nd set I went up one size in width 5mm... A few benefits . 1st is rims are now a little bit better protected, speedo error is reduced by approx 2kph, traction seems better again 🙂 Bob Jane always had the best fitted prices at the time.
  9. Also Check under the rear guards for the air relief panels. The rubber flap can perish letting in exh from the low pressure area under rear of car.
  10. Message this member ilv1004s - Australian Lexus Owners Club Forums
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