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  1. What can members tell me in regard this. Just noticed some in one of mine I tried a search but came up zero based on headlight bubbling, issues etc
  2. New intake

    Fitting would be oil more than likely....
  3. Koop21 ISF Build Thread

    Well done with the effort. Id say no one will even notice the issues unless you point them out or they are inspecting it. I have been involved in getting commercial vehicles "vinyl wrapped" in the past. (Note: Not saying it is the same stuff but is subject to similar installation issues etc).There was always some issues. Air in concave areas, no matter how much it was pushed, eventually our heat made it try to take up its flat profile, dust under the film. Even when done in dust filtered paint booths there was always some. Stretch marks and bubbles that showed up when certain angles of the sun hit the vehicles.. Dulling of the surface, esp if colored....:( You're right re darker, mat colors, etc being more forgiving. Does work well to protect the original paint though esp from stone chips.
  4. Im sure I read a post on the US Forum where they fitted after market lights. Might be worth a search. Dont know re cut off from left to right hand drive though. Here or here
  5. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    This and other variables have always made me get a local tune. Tweaks to suit said engine can be made to the map in real time. Ive always been a little sceptical of plug in 'tuning'.
  6. Might be others interested in your fix. Care to post up?
  7. B> Invidia Mid Pipe 06-13 IS250, 350

    Saw this
  8. You can watch the light on the dash :)
  9. Is 350 Tow Bar
  10. Lexus service said its normal. Prob closer to 600 than I stated. TB been done. By upper engine clean I assume you mean inlet valves? I dont think mine (350) has that issue. Not really too worried but like to see what I can achieve. When A/C on rises another 100 rpm and smooths out. I found heaps of posts on USA forums with same queries, no real fix., but no one mentioned resetting idle A/C off so that what I was going to try next.
  11. I want to change my idle speed when AirCon Not on. ie up by 100rpm. I have the cable but I cant find a section where I can make an adjustment. Reason .. Idle is about 500 Aircon off. Give slightly rough idle. Lift to 600, smooth. Changed and checked plugs just a tweak needed. Search found similar ex: quote" If my A/C is off my idle is noticeably rougher than when it’s on." Seems to be a common issue but no one raised idle AC off.
  12. 2010 ISF Steering Wheel blank

    If you dont get payment I will pick up :) Baz
  13. Hi

    If the wheel doesnt sell I will take it :)