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  1. I fed my dash cams power thru to the cig lighter in console .
  2. Didnt come out too bad. Been on since Xmas 2020. Still holding up. Ive got a bit more of the vinyl (ebay) so will have a 2nd try next summer to see if I can remove the few tiny bubbles I missed.
  3. Neels post above mine tried the secondary cat removal with no success ?
  4. I added a link a year ago somewhere re the flaps. :). USA forum is where I found it. As per my earlier post mine used to smell a bit. Nearly reduced recently it to zero with a can of Oxicat. Didn't think it would help but it did 🙂 Saw that too on the USA Lexus site with owners having success with it. Must of been some crud on sensor and cat inlet side? Oxicat | eBay
  5. Might be useful 3rd post How To Install Rear View Camera - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion
  6. Thats STEEP! and worrying. Let us know if the fault reappears.
  7. From 2019 to to 21 and orig poster in Botswana 😆
  8. Welcome to the Ozzie site 😉 Might be better to join the UK site? Soarer Club - Lexus Owners Club
  9. Depends on how worn. You can prob go to about 3 to 5% difference on a non lsd axle.
  10. My IS350 sound exactly the same. On the US forum some people have modded a sound proof cover off LSV8s to fit. Apparently only makes a small difference but noticeable.
  11. OOPS... I think it was the SD card loose in my dashcam!!. Will find out tomorrow .. hope so. Confirmed. There you go, new noise , new solution 🙂
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