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  1. Ring RACV or your state road service company and get a replacement from them.
  2. Here it is without NZ maps info. Will fit on an normal single layer DVD-R 4.7gb V25 - Without NZ!yE0VASaB Key: tdoaz0n1bAriVH51H6N9-dqPb_G0v8u6PHrucxw4mQs Thanks go to kombi17 at for pulling size down :) See another how to here:
  3. Well done. Got me looking at SC's again. Again Good job with the upgrade :)
  4. Send a message to this member, may have one in his spares bin :)
  5. Ive been involved in GPS forums afor some time. Ive not seen a method that works yet. There is apparently? an embedded code in SD cards that is used to prevent data manipulation. A forum like this would be the place to ask the question. or have a read thru this site:
  6. Just some off the cuff thoughts... Gearbox Breather? Air leak around floor seal? Overfull gearbox? Is it that you can smell?
  7. My take would be it uses thinner glass and less soundproofing than the IS model you had before.
  8. Somethings plugs in............😂 Do you have a Handbook?
  9. Australia 25 & NZ 14 2019 from my info. Thats all I've got to go on.
  10. I burnt to an DVD-R DL (Dual Layer.) Works a treat so far (1 day) in my Is350 2012 EDIT: See my post 5 more down this page for single DVD with OZ only maps. Hit thanks if it is ok :)
  11. If you get one look for a carbon impregnated like this.
  12. How are the mounts at both ends? Get someone to rock car side to side whilst you hold hand over mounts. Also did you only fully tighten mounts after load was on car?
  13. Nearly always battery. Get a load test and a charging test at a Battery shop to confirm.
  14. Does your have the standard Lexus interface or the igo mapping interface. If latter then it uses an SD card not dvd. Difference can be seen at the very bottom of this page.