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  1. How old is the new car. Sometimes a new part is repainted to the car colour code. After a few years in the sun and atmosphere the car colour can change. When a new part is painted it then needs to be colour matched not colour coded. That is a lot harder to do. Also if its slightly metalised or has some sort of flake in it the direction its painted can make it look a different colour. Not an easy process. Even new cars with plastic bumpers, flares, etc etc can have a "viewing" missmatch nowdays. Good luck with the search 😏
  2. I have seen the gps signal in one of the underlying settings. Cant get to the car atm but will have a look next week if someone doesnt answer. Baz
  3. Ive seen tears fixed by plastic welding. On the one at work (Hilux) they also put a reinforcement filler patch on one bit. This was a couple of years ago. So it is possible.
  4. Yeah understand the above. Was interested to see it really and if anyone has been notified here in Oz
  5. Noticed it says "most" cars are in the USA but I wonder where the rest are? Excerpt: DETROIT (AP) — Toyota’s Lexus luxury brand is recalling about 121,000 cars worldwide because of fuel leaks in the engine that can cause fires. The recall covers certain 2006 through 2013 IS350 cars, as well as the 2010 through 2014 IS350C, and the 2007 through 2011 GS350 and GS450h. All have 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engines. Toyota says a diaphragm material in the fuel injection system can harden over time and crack, allowing fuel to leak. The company would not say if the problem has caused any fires, crashes or injuries. Most of the recalled cars are in the United States.
  6. I fitted Michelin PS4's 20 months ago. 225/18 and 255/18 1/2 worn, Approx 20k ks. Not driven lightly. Very happy. Very Even wear, good grip, etc etc.
  7. V22 still going
  8. Just like WATO I have done similar in the past on VW R32 and Audi S3. Seemed to do no harm and certainly gave an effect of better running even if not much was done, didnt take any before or after shots 😃 BTW Subaru intake cleaner is seafoam in a diff can. I have done it both ways. 1. In a vac line 2. In the intake.
  9. Bugger 😠 Ill try and ask the other poster where he got the file from.
  10. Thats real good of you 😄 Will watch with hope
  11. Try this!zmRQ3DrI!_32i7OIC7sifYSQX7Q2zHl_HOfWGyci3SF0saT2xUl8 They are having issues atm Baz
  12. Im wondering if its for a Subaru. One version is the same but not all?
  13. Tried it on an -R Not working for me will try and find an +R later