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  1. https://mega.nz/file/3BlUkQqY#pEdDvSP2g80SpbtMOiO7AygXvFC6xtVfokOCiwAttMs
  2. Try this https://mega.nz/file/3BlUkQqY#pEdDvSP2g80SpbtMOiO7AygXvFC6xtVfokOCiwAttMs
  3. Only for the earlier DVD one up to 2012 ~~SD after that. I dont think they can be copied. If I cant find a road on the Nav I ask Siri and she gives verbal directions 🙂
  4. Ive stuck with original IS350 FSport rims. (2011) but with wider tyres front and rear. Same overall diameter. I dont think lighter rims will make any real difference to unsprung weight handling on this car. Some people use the 19" off the ISF model OOPs you said 2021 😞 .
  5. More go than you though know 🙂 I came from fast Euros to my IS350 Fsport 2012 and was pleasantly suprised, comfort, reasonable handling and go when needed :).
  6. Member on a diff forum getting one to try (I think he is in AU) https://au.lexusownersclub.com.com/4y9z8ufz
  7. Looks interesting. Never seen this one before. Pity about the left bank of buttons loosing their function, prob not too big a deal. Wish I has a spare $580 lying around or I would get one 😞
  8. Interesting. Front lights are starting to get sun damaged on Australian cars of that vintage. Right hand drive,What are they worth?
  9. Time to use Siri on your iPhone.
  10. Could try. Only seen other recommendations, never tried myself. Car Repair Nunawading | Auto Service Mechanic Melbourne (exaltdautomotive.com.au) Lexus Service Melbourne | Lexus Specialised Independent Workshop Melbourne (pmaautoworks.com.au)
  11. You may need to eject and reload DVD. Push 2 pins into holes on clock sides and remove Nav dvd cover.
  12. Bushes can wear and compress. Tyre pressures should be around 38 all round. Go to pedders and pay for a run on their test bed. It will show any bush, shock or component wear.
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