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  1. Will try to check mine this week. Interesting thread :) Havent checked local price yet if required.
  2. Member ilv1004s
  3. We cam or Dashcam? For a dashcam I did on an Audi S3. Found a switched power wire in loom. On my Lexus I have run an micro usb lead tucked under headlining/A piller to cig liter wiring in console.
  4. Oh well. If you want to upgrade to V22 here you go :) If anyone else has a later version let me know and Ill get it hosted..
  5. I see you found the v22 link :) Maybe try the RX forum section for the other questions?
  6. Does it change if you gently apply brake pedal when moving? Is it a rotational noise or a "bouncy" noise. Can you hear it from the open passenger window?
  7. It may not be the shocks. Lower inner rear front mounts can also make a noise. I would get a $25 Pedders check on their vibration bed to pin point source.