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  1. bazzle

    Wiring Harness Protector

    Info only
  2. re cabin filter IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the vehicle is in recirculate mode. If not, you will force open the computer controlled damper and damage the HVAC system.
  3. Its up to you BUT ensure you follow the correc procedure to change the cabin filter or you will stuff up the recirc switch.
  4. Was a spare F Sport wheel I had in good condition. I just did it as a trial. Took about 2 hours with wheel stripped back. Not a perfect job from my end but would turn out better next time or if I re did it. One of those things where you learn a lot 1st time making it easier 2nd time .
  5. Just fitted one of these to try it out on my IS. Came out pretty good, similar to pic in add. I asked for grey thread.
  6. I have found if I close and reopen door it stops. Allows some peace when working with door open.
  7. As I said. Take your own oil. Get it at a Repco sale. Dealer wont care if you supply oil as long as it meets spec. Cost me $726 (90k service) Only parts I paid for were filter(s), brake fluid and key battery.
  8. bazzle

    White isF seats FS Brisbane

    Good idea to add your location ;)
  9. Now if only there was mirroring or similar for an 2011 with factory gps..........................
  10. Ive had my 75k at Melbourne Lexus. Offered me a car but I went for a tour of the City instead. Team was courteous. Nothing more to say really. Supplied my own oil so saved about $100 :)
  11. In my opinion I cant see the need to replace the rest, its just adds cost unless you have no option there. If so a member above on here is selling a complete system.. You wont get any power benefits just a different sound either way. Edit: go the rear muffler change.
  12. V22 link added.



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      Thanks Bazzle got it so if you wanted to remove it feel free.