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  1. Bugger 😠 Ill try and ask the other poster where he got the file from.
  2. Thats real good of you 😄 Will watch with hope
  3. Try this!zmRQ3DrI!_32i7OIC7sifYSQX7Q2zHl_HOfWGyci3SF0saT2xUl8 They are having issues atm Baz
  4. Im wondering if its for a Subaru. One version is the same but not all?
  5. Tried it on an -R Not working for me will try and find an +R later
  6. Might have some luck here Post #55 Downloading tonight for a play over the weekend. If anyone else has a go please post up. Baz
  7. if... .....'re worried re legalities also check if you can go more than 1" bigger in diameter in your state. You may also get a harsher ride and may also get more inner wear due to shorter and stiffer sidewall not absorbing camber changes.
  8. No but I did see a post on this forum (USA area) where someone used CF wrap and it looked OK
  9. Also ISF section in this site
  10. Probably. You need to list the $300 + worth of bits but at dealer prices would be pads, oil etc.
  11. Would'nt you need to run it for a week or so for computer to properly adjust to get max advantage. Toyota engines are know to take up to a months driving to get full benefits from changes (workshop chatter from my customers)
  12. @18ADF Please Hi. Please educate us more on your findings.
  13. Ive never changed a crush washer on about 20 vehicles. Doesn't mean you shouldn't but they are not normally a problem. Never had a leak or nor do I over tighten. Years ago when they were copper we used to hit them with a flame to re anneal.