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  1. Want red cover 😂 Blue (Power??)
  2. bazzle

    Come On Guests

    Good idea. Sad about the spam post between ours 😞
  3. I had them on an Audi S3 when I purchased it a couple of years ago. Seemed ok but I did notice a driving difference when I replaced with PS4's.. (my favoutite ) Most likely fine for your purpose. edit: What are the current front tyres? These are also important on these cars
  4. No an issue in this case. My speedo is 4% high . New tires are 1.5% less when new so now closer to 2.5%. At 100kph on speedo with new oem sizes gps was showing 96kph. Now it shows approx 98kph. I'm happy with that. New tires cost $1100 the set, from Bob Jane Ringwood, f&b inc old tyre disposal. Michelin PS4's... 235/40/18 fronts were $160 each. 265/40/18 rears were $390 each They even look proper on the rims, no bulging, very happy.
  5. Actually pricing a set of 235/40/18 and 265/40/18 for mine tomorrow. Have 225/40/18 and 255/40/18 currently in PS4. Going up one size to make speedo a bit more accurate (+1.5%) and to help protect rims, esp front.
  6. If its driving true and tyres wearing nice and even, on a Lexus I would not touch alignment. If front have too much inner or outer wear then yes and set front to '0' toe. About all that can be adjusted. I prefer Michelin's , esp Pilot Sport 4,s Get a price on those as well, highly recommended on a few forums.
  7. A lot of effort to be rewarded, but honestly I don't see the point. Stretched tires, excessive camber, scraping on the ground. As a show car 😊, as a drive around 😕
  8. I agree. May be a rename but it works :)
  9. There have been a couple of questions re the authenticity of this as well on gpspower but for the cost of an dvd......:)
  10. 4wd v 2wd. There will be axles going to each wheel.
  11. On an 2011 IS350. Its common for trans shops to change the oil. Some dealers will do it for you as well.
  12. Lucky you 😊 Enjoy the ride.
  13. Ring RACV or your state road service company and get a replacement from them.
  14. Here it is without NZ maps info. Will fit on an normal single layer DVD-R 4.7gb V25 - Without NZ!yE0VASaB Key: tdoaz0n1bAriVH51H6N9-dqPb_G0v8u6PHrucxw4mQs Thanks go to kombi17 at for pulling size down :) See another how to here: