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  1. There is a Brembo colour? or Ford Focus or VHT VHT® Brake Caliper Paint - Real Orange
  2. Hi Danny

    What is a left rear bumper reflector for an 2011 IS350 worth please?

    Ringwood North Vic.


  3. Sounds like vacuum building up on start and opening a heater duct?? Change air settings and see if it still does it.
  4. 3is uses SD card. No one has found a way yet to modify factory ones to add maps.
  5. To rule it out try with a jumper att to another batt. but it does start nice and quick on your vid. Maybe its normal on an 250? Need another owner to read post.
  6. Computer is probably bypassing power to send current to starter. Is batt turning over quickly?
  7. When I remove ball joints ( a couple of ways ) but with the tool above when under tension hit mating part with a large hammer and it should pop open without bits flying everywhere. Also be careful with the pressure on the nut as you can distort it making removal difficult.
  8. What is the rotor off? I have rotors that look the same but are standard is350 (2011) size.
  9. If the shock is faulty (sure looks like it ) the coil will try to fully extend (as far as the shock lets it) and compress with nothing to dampen it down and can make all sorts of noises from related components. The shocks may of already been pretty close to replacement time and the extra heat generated by the load if has sped up the top seal failure thereby loosing its oil and making it useless. Bear in mind the coil spring takes the loads not the shocks, they only dampen the oscillations and help to control the spring. Does the car measure the same on both side, bottom of rim lip to edge of guard? This is just to ensure a coil or seat hasnt also been damaged or over stressed.
  10. Mine only smells when driven hard and I slow to a stop. BP doesnt have as bad a smell. I just live with it. Lots of Toyotas have the same issue.
  11. What makes you think they are damaged? Normally overloading just puts the springs on the bump stops before the shocks bottom out. Shouldnt affect the shocks at all. If they are leaking thats a different matter.
  12. @Pcavzzz....Really, car warms up in the sun, thanks for the help 😣 If you read my post you would of seen that the temp sensor reading was stuck at a lower reading. Fixed now. Removed and refitted fixed it.