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Hi guys

I have a 2010 IS 250 that's due in for service / rego renewal in a couple of months time.  The car's done around 95,000 kms.  I've have the car serviced with Sydney City Lexus over the last 3 years (I'm the second owner, the car was purchased pre-owned from Sydney City), and I've had to pay over $1K each time for the car's service each year, which is more than what I was expecting to pay for a fairly basic routine service.  A couple of times I have had to replace tyres (which contributed to the high cost) due to wear or puncture.

Some owners have recommended Lexus of Chatswood for servicing, as they are cheaper. I'm considering this option too.

I'm located in eastern Sydney, and am willing to look into independents to do the service to save a bit of cash.

Does anyone have any recommendations I could take my car to?


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Here are a couple of options that should be closer to you. Lexus of Chatswood certainly does get a good wrap by people on here, but you are always going to be paying much higher prices at a dealership than you would with an independent mechanic - and in my experience, the work done by the independent mechanic is of a higher standard.



The good thing about IS250 and IS350 (and even the ISF) is that they are easy to work on, an do not require any special tools for general maintenance and servicing like most European cars. They also do not require any fancy spec of engine oil, so just a decent quality semi-synthetic of full synthetic 10w-30 oil is all it needs.


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