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  1. A quick Google search reveals part numbers should be 58166-53020 and 58165-53020 (yes it appears there are 2x pieces for the engine undertray).
  2. Contact Lexmania who are Lexus wreckers im sure they will have one - unless you want a brand new one that is. https://www.facebook.com/LexmaniaAU/
  3. Cheers mate - new pics added which were taken late yesterday afternoon. Some of them are a bit dark so ill get some more this coming weekend with better light.
  4. Thanks mate - yes i would really like it to go to an enthusiast who will continue to look after it in a similar manner.
  5. Lag in the turbo setup or the build?
  6. I recently purchased Falken Azenis FK510's which are a good chunk cheaper than the Michelin PS4S and perform 90% as well. The Falken's have performed well in multiple tyre tests both locally and overseas. See some info and feedback here:
  7. Hi Guys, I have decided to sell my IS-F after owning it for 2 years and about 10,000km. I have enjoyed my experience of owning a JDM V8 and also enjoyed the reliability of a Japanese vehicle after owning several VW and Audi's in recent years. As a car enthusiast, I have a list of cars that I would like to own - so I am selling the IS-F in order to buy another car i have always liked. Build date: July 2011 (so it has the factory LSD, more compliant suspension, revised dash cluster with the big tacho, and updated headlights) Exterior Colour: Ultrasonic blue Interior colour: Black leather with blue stitching Kilometers Travelled: 54,000km Registration: 12 months NSW rego (expires 25th June 2020) Engine Modifications: RR Racing ECU tune, customised Xforce Varex exhaust with Smartbox, AFE panel filter, HPS intake hose Power: Makes 265kw at the wheels with the current setup (i have dyno sheets). Stock was 235kw at the wheels. Exterior Modifications: VLand tail lights, Front grill plastidipped black to remove the ghastly chrome, 15mm wheel spacers (good quality German made spacers, not cheap Chinese junk), BaysonR front lip, Carbon rear window spoiler. Windows were tinted shortly after i purchased the car in 2017. Service records: The car has been over-serviced since my ownership, but with it's original owner it has missed 1x service. Brake disks and brake pads were replaced just after i bought the car so they are approx 10,000km old (DBA slotted and drilled rotors and Bremtec pads). Diff oil replaced December 2018 (genuine Lexus LSD diff oil). I have done 5x oil changes in the 2 years i have owned the car (1x official mechanic log book service and 4x DIY oil changes). Cons: It has missed 1x service with the original owner, but i have over-serviced it since my ownership with all services photographed, documented and receipts kept. It has also had 1x official log book service since my ownership to keep the log book stamped as appropriate. There is a small mark on the bonnet where it appears a bird poo was left on for too long by the original owner. I have always intended to have the bonnet repainted but never got around to it as its just a small cosmetic blemish. The car has been extremely well looked after under my ownership, always driven like a baby for a good 10 mins until everything is nicely warmed up and always hand washed and polished/waxed on a regular basis. Only driven a few times a week and kept in the garage at home when not being driven. Serviced every 6 months despite only having been driven about 3,000kms in that time frame. Brand new tyres fitted on the front about 6 weeks ago, rear tyres have another 5,000-7,000kms in them. Nothing beats the beautiful sound of this Japanese V8, and with the addition of the Xforce Varex exhaust and intake it makes it even better. Plenty of power when you put your foot down, and docile when you're driving around town. Fuel economy varies depending on your right foot of course, but expect around 9-10L per 100km on the highway, and around 16-18L per 100km around town. This car has been 100% reliable since i have owned it and never missed a beat or let me down. The aftermarket exhaust (which has cost me about $4k all up) fitted and customised to suit this car can be adjusted at your wish to be almost as quiet as stock, or you can open the valves and have the V8 roar. The Varex Smartbox system fitted to this car also allows you to fine tune the sound and volume of the exhaust to suit your preferences. $51,490 ONO but I am open to sensible offers and would love for it to go to another enthusiast. Message or call me if you have any questions. 042two 2four7 eight31 I would prefer to sell the car as is, but can remove the exhaust and certain other items if the buyer does not want these items.
  8. What do you not like about the Potenzas? Are they noisey, wearing out too quickly, dont like the way they look, too expensive to replace etc etc? Whats your budget? What size tyres does your car use? This might help you pick a new set, although these are mostly high performance tyres which aren't necessary on your car: https://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/research/motor-tyre-test-2019-finding-australias-best-performance-tyre/ar-AADmUvi?ocid=spartandhp
  9. Yeah I am struggling to believe the toe could have been that far out (7.6mm) because I've only driven 6,000km since my last alignment and haven't hit anything or changed any suspension components etc. Also the car only has 53,000km on it so all the factory bushes etc are still good and i have the Figs Engineering control arm bushes. So unless the previous alignment was also crap (different place did the last one) then something does not add up. I still have my previous alignment printout so I will check that out. I did recently change my front tyres, the old ones were shagged on the outer edge but still had approx 4mm elsewhere...but in saying that these tyres were on the car when i bought it and i could see they were already worn more on the outer edge.
  10. Thanks for that - i have downloaded to keep with my records. The beauty of forums is that this info can be found months/years later, whereas with Facebook groups its lost and there is no search function etc so you get people asking the same questions over and over again.
  11. The hi flow cats in my car are less than 1 year old and are lucky to have done 5,000km. I paid a small fortune for them as they are the stainless steel cats with metallic cores, not the cheaper ceramic ones. So they better not be buggered!! I am well aware that the E20-30 blend will lean the Air/fuel ratio mixture out somewhat, but my car has always run a bit rich under load so i figured that leaning it out a wee bit wouldnt be an issue - certainly not for a short term test like this anyway. BP Ultimate 98 is what i always run in my cars and have done for years, it was just with this experiment i was blending BP98 with Caltex E85. Anyway, im happy to end my experiment and move back to straight BP Ultimate 98.
  12. I literally just got back from paying them a visit to discuss. I was hoping to get some feedback before i went down there but this forum is so dead haha. I spoke to the guy at the front desk (same guy i dealt with a few days prior) and he agreed that they had selected the incorrect car. We went out to the alignment bay as the technician had just finished aligning an Evo 10 and had a look on the computer. The IS-F is indeed listed as a separate car to the regular IS250, LS400 etc - so it was just either lazyness or an oversight by the tech on the day for him to select LS600H. They have agreed to re-do the alignment at no cost to me and fix up the steering wheel alignment too by adjusting the tie rods. I have attached a printout of the alignment info, but they do adjust camber and caster as well as toe by the looks of it.
  13. Just updating this thread - i recently bought 2x new front tyres, and went for the popular 245/35/19 size. This feeling in the steering at low speeds during sharp turns is drastically reduced with the new tyres.
  14. OK so my car was due for a pink slip this week and i generally get my alignment done at the same time each year. So this time was no different so i booked in for both pink slip and alignment at my local Bridgestone tyre place which is conveniently located about 400m from my house. I told the guy at the front desk the car model details as i handed him my keys, and specified that the car is an IS-F - not an F sport or regular IS250/350 etc. I also told the guy that since fitting new front tyres about a month earlier i had noticed my steering wheel was ever so slightly off-centre (probably 10 degrees off) when driving straight down a road, and asked if they could fix this while doing the alignment. An hour later when i picked up the car, i paid and got my invoice, pink slip and alignment printout. I jumped in the car and took a quick look at the alignment printout and noticed they had selected the car as being a Lexus LS600H. Im no alignment specialist - in fact i know very little about alignments despite being a car nut....but i can only assume that if the operator selects the incorrect car that the alignment will be setup for that same incorrect car - therefore im driving around with an alignment suited to a luxury car and not a sports sedan. Now obviously a LS600H is a very different car and no doubt has different alignment settings to an IS-F. On top of that, my steering wheel is still off centre. So i will be going back this week to get them to fix up the steering wheel and also wanted to talk about the fact that they have the wrong car listed on my alignment paperwork. I walked past the shop about 30mins after dropping the car off and it was on the alignment machine and up in the air - so im assuming they did in fact do an alignment. I have always had cars that are somewhat rare, and have noticed on other alignments i have had done that they have picked the wrong car (correct brand but incorrect model). Does it really matter? Has anyone else had a similar issue? What did you do?