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  1. Often when the cabin filter is old/dirty it smells like you are describing. The cabin filter is located behind the glovebox - i would suggest removing it, inspecting/cleaning it and possibly fitting a new filter. They are designed to be replaced every few years.
  2. They look really good - colour looks same/similar to that used on Subaru STI's and Nissan R35 GTR's.
  3. I had the VLand tail lights on my blue IS-F and agree that with the cherry red tinted lenses and more modern taillight design then did make the rear of the car look much nicer and more modern. They might not be to everyone's taste but i liked them.
  4. If they are both in good condition with good service history then I would (and did) buy the newer one. Not only do they look better (and newer) with the updated front end, but the revised suspension, LSD and interior dash cluster make for a more enjoyable drive.
  5. After recently selling my IS-F i have a set of 8x brand new Denso Iridium TT spark plugs which suit the IS-F and also the IS350 (does not suit the IS250). Items are brand new, purchased from USA, and Denso (made in Japan) brand which is the OEM supplier for Lexus. Part # IKBH20TT $110 including postage within Australia.
  6. bump $100 for basically brand new pads. Refer photos above.
  7. If you have up to $20k to play with i would suggest you get the IS350 over the IS250. The IS250 is relatively underpowered and wont like hauling a trailer around weighing up to 1,500kg. The IS350 is considerably more powerful, does not suffer the carbon buildup issue the IS250 engine does, and with the extra power will make the car more effortless to drive on a daily basis.
  8. I did the same when i had my IS-F, but it was the drivers side. I purchased an entire new mirror assembly from ebay in the UK for around $300 and just used the glass portion off it.
  9. As i have now sold my IS-F i have the Bluetooth module linked above that i no longer have use for. As long as your car has an AUX port then you can use this device to play music via Bluetooth in your IS250, IS350 or IS-F. I got it for Christmas so its only 9 months old, and still works perfectly. I purchased a shorter AUX cable as the one that came with it was about 1m long and i only needed it to be about 15cm long as it was mounted in the centre console. Happy to provide both cables and you can choose where you want to mount it. $50 shoot me a message on here or text me zero four22 247 831
  10. Hi guys, So since selling my IS-F last month I have a few bits and pieces I am going to try and move on. Shoot me a text on zero four 22 247 831 or message me on here. 1) Set of 8x Brand new genuine Denso Iridium spark plugs to suit IS-F / RC-F. Part # IKBH20TT. Refer photos below. I believe these are also the same plugs used in the IS250 and IS350 but obviously you will have 2x spares. $110 + $10 postage 2) **Exhaust is SOLD** Stock IS-F exhaust system. I have the full header back exhaust including all nuts bolts etc. The exhaust was removed at approx 45,000km so it's got plenty of life left in it and has been stored in my garage since removal. Perfect for someone on a budget that might want to do a muffler delete or fit one of those exhaust cut out valves. $200 pickup only (Newcastle) due to size 2) **Spacers are SOLD** 15mm SCC bolt on hubcentric wheel spacers. Suits a bunch of Lexus models includes GS, IS, LS etc (refer list below). A full set of 4 with all bolts etc. These are very good quality SCC brand from Germany and are hubcentric to suit Lexus. No damage and nothing wrong with them - I simply removed them from the car before selling it. These cost me $541 (happy to provide invoice to the buyer) for all four delivered from Germany and are only 18 months old. These are the exact same ones I am selling: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SCC-Wheel-Spacers-2x15mm-14521S-for-Lexus-GS-IS-C-IS-II-IS-III-LFA-LS-NX-RC-RX-S/392403471094?hash=item5b5d11caf6:g:IVcAAOSw0eNdZvFN $250 + $10 postage for the full set Car Model Type Lexus GS GRL1_, GWL1_ Lexus GS GRS19_, UZS19_, GWS19_ Lexus GS UZS161, JZS160 Lexus IS C GSE2_ Lexus IS II GSE2_, ALE2_, USE2_ Lexus IS III GSE3_, AVE3_ Lexus IS I JCE1_, GXE1_ Lexus LFA LFA10_ Lexus LS UCF10 Lexus LS UCF20 Lexus NX AYZ1_ Lexus RC GSC1_, USC1_ Lexus RX GYL1_, GGL15, AGL10 Lexus RX MCU15 Lexus RX MHU3_, GSU3_, MCU3_ Lexus SC UZZ40_
  11. Have a look at PPE for the headers - you might change your mind once you see the price. As for exhausts, look at Invidia or Xforce, they both make exhausts for the IS350. Invidia is better quality though IMO.
  12. Thanks mate - the IS-F is now paid for in full and will be picked up on Monday. I have enjoyed the IS-F and my first experience with a V8, but really want to take a good chunk out of the mortgage over the next 5 years so the expensive (and rarely used) toy had to go. My replacement car is a 2008 Subaru Liberty GT Tuned by STI with 94,000km. One owner, in very good condition and all original. A much cheaper car, yet it will still satisfy my car enthusiast needs of wanting a fun to drive and somewhat rare car. I will do some mods to it (i can never leave any car alone) over my ownership time.
  13. If they offered a manual in the IS350 F Sport then i would have perhaps considered one, but they don't exactly raise my pulse otherwise. I miss turbo and manual so that's what I am going back to for now.
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