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  1. _ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    That sounds awfully cheap - are you sure that price is accurate? Perhaps some extra costs are added such as dyno time on top of that price? BPS were tuning VW's when i had my Golf R a few years back and were charging more that that to do the Golf's. My RR Racing hand controller arrived yesterday (less than a week from order placement to it arriving). Will download my stock file tonight and send it off to them.
  2. You cant blame the tune as the sole issue when the car had 120,000kms on it and they guy flogs the heck out of it at the track on a regular basis. Do we know if the car had any previous or existing issues/faults? I have a sneaky suspicion that something else was at play with that particular car.
  3. _ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Ok thanks 2bling and BLK ISF for your info and feedback (shame this forum is so dead...would have been nice for more feedback). Much appreciated. For what it's worth, i got a reply from Boosted Autosports who are a CPI dealer in Sydney - he said they cant do CPI tunes at the moment due to CPI restructuring their HQ or some other rubbish. So i've scrapped that idea. I made the decision to order the RR Racing tune and hand held controller (ordered last night 11pm and its already shipped...pretty quick turnaround). Cost was $1,180 AUD incl international postage once the USD is converted to AUD. So the price was good, service (so far) was very quick, and RR Racing have a very good reputation with Lexus tuning so im hoping this will end up as a good overall experience. The dyno will show the results (i will compare pre-tune and post-tune results on the same sheet). RR Racing use the Alientech Powergate 3 controller which i have used previously in another car so i am familiar with the device and the general process of applying the tune.
  4. _ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Lansvale workshop puts them in the same boat as Autowerks etc for me as its a 2.5hr trip each way. I was hoping CPI could offer a DIY style OBD II hand held device to tune the car so i could do it at home. I have used one of these DIY tuning devices on my previous car (2012 Golf R) and not only had excellent results but the convenience of being able to do it at my leisure at home was well and truly worth it. And on top of those factors, the OBD device doubles as an error code reader so thats a bonus too.
  5. _ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Thanks for the feedback guys - much appreciated. I have tried contacting CPI via various methods and got a response last night at 11.30pm via Facebook asking where i was located to which i replied NSW Australia. They then told me to contact the Australian CPI page to which i replied that i already had and have not had a response. I also told them the Aust CPI Facebook page looks fake/ not legit. I think i will write them off as an option. Looks like its RR Racing for me then. 👌 I'll be going back to the same dyno i have used pre-tune (pre-tune results were 249kw atw with xforce exhaust, gutted primary cats, AFE drop in filter and HPS silicone intake pipe) to see the gains from the RR Tune.
  6. So im looking into a tune for my IS-F in the next few months and as always, I research everything before I buy to see what is out there. Obviously RR Racing is a well-known and a very well regarded brand when it comes to Lexus tuning, but there are other options available. I have had some experience with custom tuning in the past, and although they achieve very good results, the fact that the closest tuner is a good 2.5hrs from me pretty much rules them out to me as they are not a convenient option. So I am interested in an OBD II tune that I can do at home using a hand held device. Although these tunes tend to lose a little power compared to a custom tune, the convenience of being able to do it myself at home is worth it in my opinion. Out of the US based companies, I am only really considering RR Racing. But in Australia, I am interested in the CPI option even though it is several hundred dollars more expensive than the RR Racing option. I have emailed them to ask some questions. CPI also offer Zipmoney/ZIppay so that is handy to be able to pay the tune off over a few months interest free. Please share your thoughts and experiences with any of the companies below – or let me know if I have missed any worth-while tuners and I will add them to the list. US Based Tunes RR Racing – the original people who cracked the ISF’s ECU (as far as I know) and arguably know the ISF the best out of all other tuning companies. Specialise in Lexus performance parts and tuning. http://www.rr-racing.com/RR-Racing-Lexus-IS-F-ECU-Upgrade-Tune-p/isftune002.htm (includes hand held OBD II device) Price: $799 USD + int’l postage Vivid Racing (VR Tuned) – looks like they offer tunes for a very wide range of cars and brands (jack of all trades but master of none?) https://www.vividracing.com/tuned-ecu-flash-tune-lexus-isf-50l-vvti-p-151347481.html Price: $800 USD for the tune and $200 USD for the hand control device + int’l postage TTFS (Tuning Tech FS) – looks like they mostly specialise in Euro cars but also offer some Toyota/Lexus and Nissan tuning. http://tuningtechfs.com/lexus-is-f-performance-ecu-tune/ Price: $775 USD + int’l postage Australian Based Tunes Autowerks Sydney Price: Approx $1,500 from feedback I have heard BPS (Bayside Performance Services) Brisbane Price: Approx $1,500 from feedback I have heard Euro Car Upgrades Well regarded company from my days with VW, although I have never used them. They are resellers for other tuning companies so its quite possible the tune they offer is actually developed by one of the other tuners in this list. https://eurocarupgrades.com.au/lexus-is-f-is-f-remap-re-flash-ecu-for-exhaust-upgrade-chip-tuning-no-faults-error-free.html Price $1,195 CPI – South African based company specialising in tuning for European cars (mainly VW/Audi) but also offer a tune for the ISF. They claim a 39kw peak increase and more mid-range and throttle response. They are quite well regarded (and I believe they hold several records for fastest ¼ mile time etc) in the VW/Audi world. I have emailed them to ask some questions. See attached marketing advertisement i have found via Google search. https://www.boostedautosports.com.au/products/lexus-high-performance-ecu-tuning Price: $1,679
  7. _ISF

    New Front Pads & Rotors

    Just an update after a good 6 weeks or so with these Bremtec pads fitted. Absolutely no noise/squeaks what so ever which i am very happy about. I think they emit a bit more dust than my previously Winmax W1 pads but nothing worth complaining about as both are better than the factory pads which were super dusty. No noticeable difference what so ever in street driving so im a happy chappy - i wish i had bought these initially as they are working well and were very well priced.
  8. _ISF

    New Front Pads & Rotors

    RDA disks will be perfectly fine for a street driven ISF - so if they fit your budget go for them.
  9. The dyno operator said he had issues with the car wheelspinning on the dyno so he had to feed the throttle on rather than just mash it.
  10. Its the scale he used on the graph that exaggerrates the torque dropping off at high RPM.
  11. Well the car was very consistent (all 4x runs were within 3kw of each other) and there was no difference in power/torque delivery by keeping the active airbox open. The best run today was 249kw. Im currently researching tunes and will be getting the car re-dyno'd at the same place once tuned to see the different. Hopefully 20-30kw more after the tune and some stronger mid-range.
  12. 270 after the tune for you? Which tune if you dont mind me asking? Im unsure whether to just go with the RR Racing OBD II tune (convenient, well priced and saves me having to drive 2.5hrs to get custom tuned) or go see Autowerks for a custom tune. Id really like some more low end power and a few extra hundred RPM up top would be great too.
  13. _ISF

    Koop21 ISF Build Thread

    Apologies if i have hi-jacked your thread....but i installed the handbrake pedal on the weekend. I had some 3mm steel sheet laying around which i cut to size and then drilled a 6mm hole to attach it to the existing pedal arm using a M6 bolt and nylock nut.Once attached, the Lexus pedal just slipped over the steel sheet and voila. Looks great and is easier to "find" with your feet when you need to use it.Took less that 30 mins from start to finish so its a nice quick mod. Thanks for the idea.
  14. I've booked my ISF in to my local dyno on Friday afternoon (Mainline dyno @ Newcastle Dyno Centre). Curious what everyone thinks it will make based off best guesses and some of you with first hand experience. Engine related Mods: AFE filter HPS silicone intake pipe xforce exhaust gutted primary cats Im hoping for around 260kw at the wheels which with a 20% drivetrain loss will equate to around 330kw at the crank. Considering the car came with 311kw from the factory plus the mods im assuming will be about right. The other thing im going to do is test back-to-back whether there is any loss/gain from disabling the airbox flap so that it remains open at all times. Curious what others think?
  15. _ISF

    My IS-F story so far....

    Busy weekend and today on the ISF.... Wash and mini detail Installed carbon fiber roof spoiler Another oil flush and oil change Wheel balance and alignment Installed new Frush multi layer exhaust gaskets on my xforce exhaust (confirmed the crappy graphite gaskets that came with the exhaust were leaking in several spots) Re-aligned xforce exhaust to sit a bit neater Arranged for custom rear mufflers to be fabricated to replace the xforce rear mufflers Gutted my primary cats (sounds dirty now) Installed my RR Racing O2 sensor conditioner device Booked her in on Friday afternoon for a dyno run at my regular place (hoping for around 260kw)