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  1. _ISF

    Paint correction recommendation

    https://www.wavesdetailpro.com.au/pricing/ looks like they use good quality products and polishing machines. Otherwise if you go to Sydney you will have more to choose from but also no doubt you will pay more too: https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/ https://definitivecardetailing.com/
  2. A bit of an anti-climax....rocked up at the dyno this morning and they tell me the computer is not working so we cannot dyno the car until a new computer is sourced and hooked up.
  3. $40 just want it gone.
  4. Ok thanks for that - good to see. That's a really nice increase for quite a basic (and relatively cheap) mod. As for mods, i've got: - RR Racing tune, - AFE panel filter and HPS silicone intake tube, - Manifold primary cats gutted and manifold flanges opened to 2.5" - 200 cel hi-flow cats welded into the xforce front pipes - Xforce exhaust with custom rear mufflers to make it a bit quieter. Im hoping for around 275kw this time as my last dyno run made 265kw witht he RR tune, intake mods and the xforce exhaust. So the changes ive made for this time are the manifold flanges, the hi flow cats and the custom rear mufflers.
  5. Yes i have seen that thread previously and that's where i got the idea to open the flanges up on the manifolds. So i guess im hoping for a similar result (approx 10kw) but im hoping its not all just top end...it would be nice to get some more low/mid range out of this engine as its a bit lazy under 4,000rpm.
  6. The oil campaign they have initiated is with Castrol, Penrite, Gulf Western and Nulon. So Mobil 1 is not part of the sale. Personally i wouldn't touch Gulf Western but the other 3 brands are perfectly fine. I just like Penrite and Nulon as they are Aussie companies, support motorsport, are well priced and are good quality full synthetic oils.
  7. Supercheap Auto have recently started a huge oil campaign along with the Mighty Car Mods team, and all their oils are on sale. For example, the Penrite 5w-40 HPR5 i use in my ISF is currently on sale for $48.99 for a 5L bottle (usually its $62).
  8. Yes and yes. That's all you need. You can see the new o ring in the photo. You may also need an oil filter canister tool to remove the old filter. These can be purchased or from Supercheap (i got mind from Supercheap for $15 (Ryco make them).
  9. Nothing wrong with Ryco or K&N etc, but you can buy genuine Toyota/Lexus oil filters for around $25 so id just get genuine.
  10. _ISF

    New Steering wheel

    She's a beauty mate. Looks like i will have to get my wife to look this guy up on Instagram for me.
  11. Back to the dyno again this week to see where i am at now after doing the following since the last dyno run: - header flanges opened up from 2" to 2.5" to increase flow - 200 cel hi-flow metallic cats welded in to the xforce front pipe - New larger and chambered stainless steel rear mufflers installed to replace the xforce mufflers (new mufflers are quieter but may also be a bit more restrictive) The car certainly feels a bit stronger up top with the header flange mod so it will be interesting to see what that actually translates to on the dyno. Im hoping for an extra 5-10kw which would be around 270-275kw.
  12. The fact that it is rarely driven does not automatically place the car into "severe use" category. What does, are frequent short drives that most of us do every day where the engine doesn't really get to warm up properly (or for long). I know that both Pentire and Nulon sell their oils in 10L containers - thats how i but my Penrite to service my ISF. The ISF uses around 9.3L so that leaves me just a wee bit left over. I just bought some a few weeks ago (on sale at Supercheap) for $90 for the 10L...bargain. And no you cannot do any harm to an engine from too frequent oil changes - the more the merrier basically.....but in saying that, any more often than 6 month intervals for a normal street driven car is really just throwing your money down the drain.
  13. Fairly certain its only 1x plug on the IS-F, but the IS250/IS350 have 2x plugs because they have indicators in the mirrors too. I have a mirror assembly at home from as IS250/350 so i can check after i finish work and let you know.