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  1. Selling a new Gates Micro V accessory belt (Part # 6PK2250) which suits the 1UZ 4.0L V8 and the 3UZ 4.3L V8 in various Lexus vehicles. http://www.gatescatalogue.com.au/v/nissan/primera/micro-v---belt/gates-au/6pk2250.html I purchased this belt for my IS-F but it is actually too long and a shorter belt was required. This belt has been test fitted to my car but not actually used - so it is good as new. Only purchased about 2 weeks ago. $45 incl delivery.
  2. I was going to but they have a 30% restocking fee plus the postage etc....not worth it for a $50 belt. I will just try and sell it on Gumtree/ebay at a reduced price.
  3. I decided to email Gates and let them know they have the incorrect belt listed for the IS-F. I got a response within 45 mins saying thanks, yes they have now realised the listing they had for the IS-F was incorrect and are having the online catalogue updated to suit. So other IS-F owners should not encounter the same issue i had.
  4. I got mine from ebay seller niftyautoparts in Victoria. $61.32 with free postage.
  5. 6PK2055 is the one you need Gen03. I just got mine off ebay (was around $60). I was a little concerned when i opened the package up as it had a different part number on it (both on the packaging and on the belt) but then it also had another sticker with 6PK2055 on it. Fitted it last night - fits perfectly and no belt slip so far (although ive only driven the car once since fitting it so it's early days).
  6. Finally i got the result i wanted with the exhaust. I am yet to take any photos or videos but i will update when i do. Car went back in on Friday to have the 3 week old custom mufflers removed and new mufflers fitted. The new mufflers are much larger 10" x 5" and 14" long with the internal chamber to quieten the noise down. The mufflers have also been mounted flat rather than on a tilt angle like the xforce and JoeZ mufflers are. The car now is much quieter (still louder than stock but much quieter than the Xforce mufflers), no more drone, and the replacement mufflers actually look good under the back of the car. The place that made the custom mufflers agreed they sent the wrong ones and replaced them at no cost. And kudos to my muffler shop who fitted them at no cost.
  7. Price drop. $130 each or $220 for both.
  8. Yes just hold off for another 4-5 days and i will let you know if the new belt is correct before you order one.
  9. My mates dad uses moth balls (Naphthalene) to boost the octane in his modified Celica GT-4 and has done so for years and years. I thought he was pulling my leg when he first told me, but apparently its an old school trick. Toulene also sounds like a good option - price wise seems similar to off the shelf octane boosters. It came a close 2nd place in that test i linked above.
  10. Well that was a waste of time - the Gates 6PK2250 belt i purchased is considerably longer than the stock belt so the information on the Gates website (and several other websites i looked at to cross reference is incorrect). The 6PK2250 does not fit the IS-F. It appears that the correct size should be 6PK2055 which is 19.5cm shorter than the 6PK2250. Unfortunately the stock belt has no markings on it at all so i cannot simply get the part number off it. Now that i have done some further investigation, it seems some websites list the 6PK2255 as suitable for the IS-F, and others list the 6PK2055 - hence the confusion. I have now purchased a 6PK2055 so will see how that goes when it arrives next week.
  11. _ISF

    New intake

    Will be a pretty sweet built once done, regardless of where they mount the turbo i guess. There was certainly no way the were going to be able to mount the turbo(s) in the traditional location in this car....no room what so ever.
  12. Interesting info above - not that i would ever use E10 anyway (unless its a rental car). Couldn't find anyone with Boostane in stock, so i found a Nulon Pro Strength octane booster product which i have bought and will try when i go back to the dyno in a few weeks to see gains (if any) from opening up the header flange from 2" to 2.5"...the car feels a bit stronger up top but will be good to see what that actually translates to. The Nulon product is supposed to raise octane by as much as 7 points but not sure if it will do so when starting from a base of BP 98....perhaps it will go up to 100-101 octane if i am lucky. Here is a test that was done where it came 1st place: http://www.fuelexpert.co.za/Octane-Booster-Shootout.php
  13. _ISF

    New intake

    So it is being rear mounted after all then?
  14. _ISF

    Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Wow thats dedication mate - looks great. Well done.
  15. ^ that looks great. Looks so much better than the outdated and tacky silver/white fake carbon that in the IS-F's now. Would love to know the details (price/is it an exchange program etc).