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  1. @BLK ISF how is this going 6 months on? I am still interested in buying one of these but still a bit skeptical.
  2. They look good on the car. No issues with the master cylinder size when matched to the 6 piston calipers?
  3. An ISF diff from a wrecked car would probably be the easiest and cheapest option. Late 2010 onwards models have the LSD. Get in touch with Lexmania in Sydney.
  4. Late reply - but i had my brother fabricate up the pipework and hangers etc for my new Xforce Varex mufflers about a month ago. My brother recently started up his own little fabrication business so he was happy to help out - plus he did a far better job than the exhaust shop had done previously which was frankly embarrassing. Everything is nicely tig welded in stainless steel. The mufflers i went with are a 10 inch wide x 6 inch high x 15 inch long body with the Varex motor on the side. They are part # VMK40-250. They are a pretty tight fit (if the Varex motor was mounted on top it would be better) at the back of the IS-F, but they fit in there snug and do not hit or rub on anything. The pipework that runs from just before the diff to the mufflers needed to be extended and angled slightly differently to line up nicely with the new mufflers. There is no longer a flange just before the rear mufflers, they have been cut off and we just welded the pipe straight to the mufflers. When the valves are open, it still sounds great. But with the valves 85% closed or fully closed it provides a nice break from the noise on the daily commute or when i have my young daughter in the car. Loving the valved mufflers so far.
  5. Yes ETuners are certainly well known with the Audi/VW/Skoda crowd. When i had my Golf R and GTI a few years ago they were starting to get popular, although i dont believe they were in Australia before then (i think the head office is in Greece). I bought my wife a 2nd hand Audi SQ5 last year with the 3.0 bi-turbo V6 diesel and have been thinking about getting it tuned, and i saw recently a video where ETuners tuned one in Sydney and got good gains out of it. The tune took half a second off the 0-100kph time.
  6. I think most of the cost is simply labour as it takes a bit of time to remove/replace the parts. From what i have read, the parts are basically a few gaskets and some sealant for the valley plate (unless of course you manage to break something during the removal). i have heard that the fuel injectors on these engines can be damaged as they are plastic and obviously get brittle with the heat cycles of the engine over time.
  7. Its worth paying the extra for genuine floor mats. Not only will they fit the car perfectly, but the carpet is of good quality so they will wear well and will compliment the vehicle rather than stand out like a cheap aftermarket floor mat. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LEXUS-FLOOR-MATS-IS250-IS350-IS300H-BLACK-CARPET-FROM-APRIL-2013-NEW-GENUINE/281347390313?fits=Model%3AIS|Make%3ALexus&epid=1343611776&hash=item41819c7b69:g:5JQAAOSw0hlZLM~z
  8. Luckily the replacement motors are cheap: https://bestmufflers.com/bshop/index.php?id_product=5166&id_product_attribute=0&rewrite=xforce-varex-universal-sports-mufflers-replacement-motor-unit-vk03-&controller=product At $50-60 a pop, i dont mind having to replace a motor every few years. There's only a few bolts holding them on.
  9. So the previous owner has removed a perfectly good OEM xenon kit, and fitted some rubbish ebay LED's? My god some people are idiots.
  10. Hopefully a new electric motor will get it up and running again BLK ISF. The workings of the valve is pretty simple, so unless the butterfly valve is damaged (or the shaft is bent/broken) then i cant see what else could go wrong apart from the motor. I took advantage of the Sparesbox.com.au sale last night and bought the Varex Smart box unit (saved $100 with the sale). The sale finished last night so it was now or never.
  11. If the previous owner has played around with the lights (and done a shocking job of it by the sounds of it) then its likely the car did not come with xenon lights from the factory (because if it did, you would not replace the xenons with sub quality LED's unless he was an idiot). You will need to post up a few photos showing the plug and general area at the back of the headlights for us to give more info, but it sounds like you will need to buy 2x new headlight bulbs (consult the owners manual to see what style of bulb is required). If you want to fit xenons, then i would recommend purchasing a set of good quality aftermarket xenons (includes bulbs, ballasts and wiring) from a company such as Morimoto or Phillips.
  12. Here are a couple of options that should be closer to you. Lexus of Chatswood certainly does get a good wrap by people on here, but you are always going to be paying much higher prices at a dealership than you would with an independent mechanic - and in my experience, the work done by the independent mechanic is of a higher standard. https://hitechautosydney.com.au/lexus-mechanical-repairs-electrical-services/ http://www.omegaautomotive.com.au/lexus-service/ The good thing about IS250 and IS350 (and even the ISF) is that they are easy to work on, an do not require any special tools for general maintenance and servicing like most European cars. They also do not require any fancy spec of engine oil, so just a decent quality semi-synthetic of full synthetic 10w-30 oil is all it needs.
  13. Good to hear you got yours sorted BLK ISF - that must have been a bit annoying, but good to hear xforce kept supplying motors and eventually replaced the muffler for you. For now, i just purchased the remote control setup with the wiring harness for the twin mufflers. If i like the sound of the mufflers then i will probably buy the bluetooth smart box as this gives a much greater level of control over the volume and how the mufflers operate (i thought it was a gimmick at first but ive seen a few videos and its actually quite a good idea). With the remote control setup, i was surprised to see that no matter how briefly you press the open/close button on the remote, the valve on the muffler moves its full rotation (completely open / completely closed). I figured it would not move as quickly as that and would allow you to have the valve part-open, but this is not the case. At least with the bluetooth smart box, you can select exactly how much you want the valve to be open, part throttle/full throttle operation, as well as that drone eliminator function, and the GPS function to close the valves as you enter your street is also handy.
  14. Updating this thread in case someone else finds themselves in the same situation. I've had some custom rear mufflers (Dimensions: 10x4x14") fitted to my IS-F for around 5 months now - and although they did reduce the overall sound a bit (perhaps 15%) over the xforce mufflers that i previously had fitted (Dimensions: 8x5x13"), i still want to be able to shut the car up even further sometimes if its late at night, or if im giving a family member a lift, or if im just not wanting to hear the exhaust as much on a particular day. So after looking at Reaper, Adrenalin, Magnaflow, etc etc mufflers, as well as other mufflers Xforce offer, i decided to go with some Xforce Varex mufflers (which in hindsight i probably should have just done the first time around instead of getting the custom mufflers). I went with the VMK40-250 mufflers which are a larger bodied 10x6x15" muffler - so even when the valve is open these mufflers should be quieter than what i have now. And with the valve closed, i should be able to give a work colleague or a family member a lift without being embarrassed about how loud the exhaust is. I was a little concerned that these new Xforce mufflers would not physically fit under the car, given that they are quite a large body and also because the Varex motor is mounted on the side of the muffler (making it even wider), but on the weekend i removed the current mufflers and mock fitted the new Xforce mufflers and yes they will fit nicely in there - the only issue is that some of the pipework leading from the diff to the mufflers will need to be extended and the flanges need to be cut off and re welded. So ill get these new mufflers installed in the next few weeks and will update on how the look and sound. http://www.xforce.com.au/xforce-products/varex-for-a-with-a-varex-universal-oval-6-inchx10-inch-15-inch-body-length-25-inch-flanged-inlet-25-inch-single-wall-outlet-side-mounted-motor/productnr-VMK40-250/cid-/vid-