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  1. _ISF

    Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Babalouie you are famous: http://www.vwwatercooled.com.au/forums/f228/lexus-isf-v8-build-125526.html
  2. _ISF

    ISF centre console lid

    Hi - you could try Lexmania in Sydney who dismantles and wrecks Lexus vehicles. https://www.facebook.com/LexmaniaAU/
  3. Cool - certainly a rare car in Aust. Love how feature packed these Jap cars are - its fully loaded.
  4. _ISF

    New Steering wheel

    I think its even more of an improvement over stock considering you had the older style steering wheel to begin with (missing the blue leather at the bottom and the silver inserts around the control buttons either side). Personally i think the updated MY11+ steering wheel looks much nicer (more modern, more sporty and more at home in the ISF) than the older style wheel. Aftermarket wheel certainly does look nice, but as careful as i am i know i would scratch that carbon finish with keys/zipper/belt buckle etc when getting in our out of the car...it would only be a matter of time. The black carbon on the new wheel clashes (in my opinion) with the silver carbon on the centre console so do you have any plans to do something with the silver carbon?
  5. Otherwise just buy this and pay it off over a few months: https://www.prospeedracing.com.au/products/invidia-lexus-is250-is350-13-diff-back-exhaust-stainless-ss-rolled-tips.html Or this (not as good quality as the Invidia but you do get a full exhaust system for the same money): https://www.carmodsaustralia.com.au/twin-2.5-stainless-steel-cat-back-exhaust-system
  6. That sounds very expensive for what is a very simple job that would take them a very short time to do. My suggestion would be to use good quality mufflers like Magnaflow. A good size will be 9x5 inch body size but where you need to be careful is the length of the muffler as the Lexus can only accommodate around a 13-14inch long muffler (and some mufflers are longer than this and wont fit). It might be a wise idea to jump under the back of your car with a tape measure and just see what size your current mufflers are, then try to find something in a similar dimension but with a straight through design.
  7. Not a IS350, but when i was looking for my ISF i looked at one which had its rear mufflers removed (muffler delete). It sounded good but was very loud and droney and not certainly something i wanted to have as my daily car. I can only assume it would be much the same with the IS350. Options are (if you do not want to buy a replacement cat back sports exhaust) to have the mid resonator removed or have the rear mufflers removed and replaced with high flowing mufflers. 1) Resonator removal is quite cheap (should be under $200) and will give the car exhaust sound more volume 2) Removal of stock rear mufflers and fitting aftermarket high flowing mufflers (around $300-600 depending on whether you get good quality mufflers or cheap ones and the tips you choose) and will give the exhaust both more volume and a deeper tone.
  8. Just get Nulon or Penrite coolant from Supercheap/Repco. Not sure if these 1UZ's use green or pink/red coolant - but you can get either type readily these days. You should be able to easily find the coolant capacity either in your user manual or googling.
  9. My ISF does the same thing - if the window is down partially and i hit a bump the window rattles.
  10. https://brakesdirect.com.au/aus/catalogsearch/result/?q=vehicle&make=Lexus&model=IS&generation=XE20%2B%282005-2013%29&submodel=IS350%2B%28including%2BF%2BSport%29 This is filtered to show options for the IS350. I have had good experience with Remsa and the Bremtec Euroline pads so i wouldnt have any problem recommending either of those brands. I currently have the Bremtec's fitted to my ISF as well as my wifes Audi.
  11. _ISF

    Paint correction recommendation

    https://www.wavesdetailpro.com.au/pricing/ looks like they use good quality products and polishing machines. Otherwise if you go to Sydney you will have more to choose from but also no doubt you will pay more too: https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/ https://definitivecardetailing.com/
  12. A bit of an anti-climax....rocked up at the dyno this morning and they tell me the computer is not working so we cannot dyno the car until a new computer is sourced and hooked up.
  13. $40 just want it gone.
  14. Ok thanks for that - good to see. That's a really nice increase for quite a basic (and relatively cheap) mod. As for mods, i've got: - RR Racing tune, - AFE panel filter and HPS silicone intake tube, - Manifold primary cats gutted and manifold flanges opened to 2.5" - 200 cel hi-flow cats welded into the xforce front pipes - Xforce exhaust with custom rear mufflers to make it a bit quieter. Im hoping for around 275kw this time as my last dyno run made 265kw witht he RR tune, intake mods and the xforce exhaust. So the changes ive made for this time are the manifold flanges, the hi flow cats and the custom rear mufflers.
  15. Yes i have seen that thread previously and that's where i got the idea to open the flanges up on the manifolds. So i guess im hoping for a similar result (approx 10kw) but im hoping its not all just top end...it would be nice to get some more low/mid range out of this engine as its a bit lazy under 4,000rpm.