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Talk me out of the IS350

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Hello everyone,

I need to buy a car pretty soon and I'm torn between just leasing a german car for 3 years or buying a japanese car. I've had my Acura for about 8 years and don't mind driving a car for a while if I like it.

So far I like most of the car and the only downsides I see are that that it's quick but not "fast" compared to the Q50. The seats are a very firm but I hope they will soften over time. The joystick thing is "ok" but I am sure I can get used to it. And finally the interior space is great for 2 adults but might feel tight for 4. I don't drive much people but my wife and I are planning on having a kid so if anyone can give input on an infant seat that would be great.

Anyways, I have read all the great stuff about the car, that's pretty much why I'm leaning towards it. However, if there are any quirks or things that are negative that any long time drivers can speak of, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!

edit: Since there wasn't a white on red IS350 within 100 miles of me I ended up with an A4. Not sure why Lexus decided their inventory should be 99% IS Turbos and 1% IS350's... Anyways, thanks for all the input everyone.

Thank you!

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