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Hi guys, I have owned a UCF30 LS430 for 5 years with minimal issues and last year got a USF40 LS460 MY07 with air suspension, currently all air shocks are very aged with 220000kms and require replacement. Has anyone installed coilovers on 460s? Or have air shocks replaced with generous parts? Any shop to recommend? It’s not an easy job, especially for rear ones. Thanks in advance. Cheers 


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What did you end up doing, as I have an 07 LS460 and need to do something about my ageing air shocks. From my perspective, there are only two options

- Replace air struts with OEM replacements

- Replace air struts with coilovers, but I have no idea what brands are decent

1. BC Racing

2. Silvers Neomax

3. DGR


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Hi mate, it’s interesting timing that you asked this question. I actually placed an order of a set of BC BR RS Coilovers. It’s still on back order and will be shipped ETA 2weeks. 

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