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IS250 owner - service in Brisbane query


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Hi everyone

I'm now looking after my IS250 after my father passed away earlier this year. He used to do all the servicing for me. (Yes, I was spoilt). 

Can anyone recommend an honest mechanic in Brisbane to do service and any work on it? 

I am currently taking it to Lexus dealership but they charge quite a lot. I don't know who else to trust. 

It doesn't have any issues. Has done 102,000kms. 

(I owned an LS400 in the past and fell in love with Lexus cars.)

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I have serviced my IS350 and now my ISF at IT Mechanical at 70 Flanders St, Salisbury for years.

They offer great service at a reasonable price. It cost me $250ish to service my IS350 there. 

They did a bunch of mods for me also at a great price. Cat back exhaust install was around $100...

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We had a Facebook Mechanic fix it and he's never been the same. I'm looking for a mechanic that can put him back together and make him run like he used too. 

I miss the old boy so much and he's been off the road for quiet some time because we are afraid someone else might ruin him more. 

I need someone who will put love into him and bring him back to life. any ideas. 

The years wrong should be a 1994




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