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Brotax on F models

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I drive 2012 350 F Sport with full bolt ons. I have owned my car for 7 years and have the 7 year itch and plan to buy an F model (ISF or RCF) early in 2020. I am leaning towards an RCF. 

I have been monitoring on Carsales/Cars Guide ISF & RCF's nationally (I am NSW based) and have noticed one thing, all vehicle in on the market for a long time, with a large number of sellers consistently lowering prices marginally. In all ISF cases the asking price is higher than Redbook evaluation.

I understand reasons being the F model and imposed "brotax" that is the reason why I want to purchase an RCF. The usual conversation with seller is, hi thanks for the call, this vehicle has a high level of interest....

I believe there is a high level of interest in the vehicles but as the ISF & RCF are valued too high by sellers, prospective buyers are reluctant to buy at these prices, its a stand off. The ISF's "brotax" is significantly higher than the RCF's with a 2014 RCF only costing more than $8,000-$10k than 2010 ISF's, crazy!

What do you think is driving this, and what is your advice for me the pick up a better deal on a RCF?  

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