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  1. Yes, if you paint bracket black and order the Coil Pneumatic in black it would be steath upgrade. Before you order hit up the gents Rafi & Simon from RR Racing as they were introducing new colors for hosing. I looked into the black hosing and Coil Pneumatic don't deal direct to consumers and all available alternatives online are metric and not imperial so too small by a couple of mm.
  2. The install of the bracket and catch can itself is simple and will only take 10 minutes. At the beginning I debated trimming the engine cover, considering its so nice why would you hack at it, it doesn't make sense. I researched and plenty of RC F owners install the bracket inverted making the catch can sit lower in the engine bay creating clearance with the engine cover. No trimming required! It did install it this way, easy enough to do, the catch can will sit snug up against the cable & aluminum piping. The challenge with this set up is, it takes several attempts at angling the catch can correctly to fit it within the tight space and bolt into the bracket ie: pain in the butt and grazed knuckles and fingers. This would be fine if you only street drive your car as you would only be emptying catch can every 6-8 months, so no drama. I on the other hand drive my "F" like it should be driven, hard and hit the drag & track occasionally so need easy access to drain the catch can. See photos of trimmed cover, I managed to get a straight cut with a metal cutting blade and a file.
  3. Definitely worth the investment. Since I installed I have had less than 1,000 kms and it's almost a quarter full. Its daily driven and attended one F drive day.
  4. Sounds like a good approach.
  5. Nice ride, well done. TVD or Torsen ? What are your plans on the car? Are you Sydney based?
  6. If we are going to the track and are going to hit it hard I would go and change it to something high grade (track/racing) dot 4 fluid such as Motul 660 or Project Mu G Four 335. If you are going to hit a hard lap even alternate you would get away with stock dot 4.
  7. You are correct in saying the premium algorithm differs for everyone with large variances in premiums. It helps to shop around with all the main insurance companies and calculate using the flexi premium tool to find the ideal balance of additional excess and annual premium, there is a sweet spot where if you gone beyond it, you are paying more on excess with little reward on reducing annual fees further. I am with AAMI live in Sydney (inner city) where my premium is $1,300. The reason I got this so cheap is I have enlisted a trusted family member (female & senior) to be the policy holder even know I am the RCF's owner.
  8. 2014/2015 is black & 2016 onward is orange with the exception of the mentioned track edition which is red. You wouldn't see many of them on the road due to very limited numbers. All RC F's come with Brembo 6 pot fronts and 4 pot rears which is more than enough for street driving and will hold up nicely around the track for about 15-20 minutes sessions provided you are murdering each lap!