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  1. Hi, I have had my RCF for one month, I am having trouble with the infotainment system “media” for playing music. For example: When using system with music “on” selected on USB/Bluetooth shutting down the car, you would expect the system to resume the selected setting as when the system was shut down. The system is in “off” position and upon switching on the system will automatically be on disc. I had have tried to download Club Lexus forums latest update for 2015 RCF but isn’t recognized by AUD RCF. Can anyone help, here is my system
  2. I disagree. You will gain a few kw from cat back exhaust if increase diameter of pipe. The biggest gains are from headers and high flow cats. For a start I would go cat back and remove secondary cats. This will yield a small kw gain. I use to drive a FBO 350 that was dynometered before and after so it does help with more kw.
  3. Thanks. Very true about staggered setup’s. I am sure you have yourself a nice set of wheels.
  4. How much did you end up selling them for?
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of Lexus.
  6. My 2012 IS350 was normally getting 15.8-16 L per 100kms this was 100% inner city Sydney driving with no highways. Max speed about 70kms and heaps on traffic..
  7. I would select an aftermarket upgrade that is a filter within a sealed box, like the F Sport. I have this on my IS350, the increase in diameter on the cold air intake vs. stock makes a big difference. I did monitor using ODII scan tool to read OEM setup for airflow off the MAF sensor and compared after the install of F Sport intake & K&N highflow filter. The numbers did jump, now does this translate into Kw gain, not sure because I didn't dyno before or after. Lexus claim 2-3HP gain, nothing to write home about. In short an intake will not massively change much in the car other than aesthetics and sound.... Hey $600-$800 for a good looking car, is worth it!!!
  8. Decent figures you are both achieving , assuming quoted numbers are 100% balls to the wall driving, but every now and then opening up the throttle to redline. The 2UR in RCF has Atkinson/Otto cycle that is claimed to make it more efficient. What is surprising is 2UR in ISF or RCF is more economical than a 2GR in IS/RC 350.
  9. That is impressive for a V8 - I was getting 15.8L per 100kms on my 2GR V6 100% city driving. Is your figures highway or city?
  10. Hello CLA members, I am keen to see the sort of fuel consumption Liters/per 100kms members have been achieving on 2UR in RCF's? If you share your figures, what driving more was this in? Are you are mixture of highway & city or just one or the other? Thanks
  11. Thanks mate, I am planning to look into a resonator delete for now, this way the volume will increase. I am keen to get out to a F model drive, but still waiting to be accepted into Lexus F Club Australia on FB....
  12. I think I will pass on the extended. Here are some photos...
  13. So don’t worry right? Do u have it on your ISF now ? Lexus extended warranty wouldn’t cover O2 sensor, bushings, water pump?
  14. Did u use of claim anything that need to be fixed over the 2 years? I have played the game of shelling out cash on Lexus extended on my IS350 for 3 years, the only things that went wrong were wear parts so couldn’t claim. Waste of cash for a piece of mind.