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Engine high pitch chirping yesterday, now won't start at all

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Hi everyone, I just returned form a one month overseas trip 4 days ago, it managed to turn on and drive but after a few days it's now not turning on. my best recount of events...

is250 2008, Left in garage for 4 weeks.


Day 1) 9/1 - First time driving after the break. Battery is 6 months old so did not expect it to have many issues. Second attmept starting up (quickly switching to neutral and revving lightly sustained the ignition and was able to drive around for 30 minutes.

Day 2) 10/1 - Started/Drove fine for about 30 mins again, no issues noticed.

Day 3) 11/1 - Started fine, but noticed a high pitch ticking sound coming out of the engine. Particularly loud when in Drive or Reverse, but not when in Park.  Planned to take into mechanic next week for a look. Looking into the bonnet, it sounded it like it was coming from my right side (facing the car)

Day 4) 12/1 - Remote didn't work. Entered using key. Tried to start up the car but had no response. Nothing in the car is lighting up including the dash. Only the LED on the ignition button is on.  Subsequent presses of the break was harder and harder.


Has anyone encountered this before or have an idea about what the culprit may be?




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I haven't encountered this but first thing I'd do is put a battery charger on it and make sure it's fully charged. I have had issues with my Lexus completely draining the battery after only a few weeks of no use. When connecting a charger start with connecting the negative lead to some metal on the engine (I use something adjacent to the spark plugs), then connect the positive lead to the positive terminal on the battery.
Good luck.
Best Regards,

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Hey Geoff and Bazzle, thank you both for your help.

I don't have access to a charger so I took the battery back to the mechanic. Got it fully charged up and she's up and running again... Took it back into the mechanic and everything else looks to be running right. Will be monitoring to see if the battery gives again.


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