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Run flat tire suggestion

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Hi - I am a newbee to this and seek suggestions.  I have to buy new tires for my IS 300 (225/45/17). The tires that came fitted on the car were Bridgestone ER033 (Costco selling at $190) and they crashed out at under 30k kms. My searching around has given me options to look at Michelin PS4 (most expensive $260/- in the list, comes with good reviews but life may be around 30k), Pirelli P Zero (good reviews), Bridgestone RE50A and S001 (both around $225 buy little information I could gather).  My drive is mostly within city.  I am not savvy with these things so asking for suggestions please.

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Im an PS4 fan. Used them and prev ps3's with '0' issues and gave good dynamic response.

If you only just potter around I'm no help but I expect my tyre to be there for me when I need it.

I've also found Bob Jane to have the best prices inc fitting and tyre disposal included.

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Thanks Bazzle for taking the time to advice.  Indeed in my case too Bob Jane is offering the best price including on the PS4. Just a couple of questions if I may.  it’s the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 that you are suggesting and not the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (I understand 4S is expensive but comes with impressive reviews) - apologies if I confused the issue. And should I be looking at a better mileage from PS4 in your experience to what I got from my current Bridgestone ER033 (lasted 30k) - of course taking into consideration all the appropriate basics.  Thanks a lot for helping.

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Cant really help re the mileage. Its too much of a variable. If you want a tyre that lasts a long time forb Continental is the go.

As to the 4 and 4s I have the 4 on the front and 4s on the rear as it was down to available sizes. I have been happy with the 4 in the past on my IS350 and other Euros before this.

 This time I put 235's on the front and 265's on the rear and took what was available.

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