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Dashcam power supply

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Hi all.

I have a Viofo A119 Dashcam installed in my 2004 LS430.

It doesn't have a battery as such, but rather it's a capacitor powered unit. Worked fine for quite a while.

However of late it has stopped working.

I have a small circuit board running power from the 12V circuit up in the overhead console housing the interior reading lights, to a USB socket. Puts out the correct voltage for the camera.

(I can't remember exactly which circuit it is - lights, sunroof etc), but if I take the camera out of the car and plug it into my PC's USB port, it works perfectly.

I'm wondering if perhaps the 12V circuit I've uses doesn't have enough power (ie amps) to power the camera correctly? Would all the power circuits be on a multiplex system, and so controlled as to output?

Any clues?




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If it worked for a while I doubt the circuit is multiplexed. 

Can you remove the voltage adapter and and check it out with camera att on a known 12v supply, ie battery or cig liter.

I have same in both our cars. I put the voltage adapter under the dash with 12v feed from one of acc fuses under dash.


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That is brilliant Bazzle.

Thank you very much.

I'm now thinking that the power supply/converter I had is not up to the job, or may have malfunctioned.

I'll buy one of those kits, and let the group know.



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