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lexus nx450h+


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hi all,

just wondering if there are any 450H owners out there. i was extremely lucky and managed to snag one earlier this month,  so far very pleased with the car but still learning all the gizmos the car has. I have been running on about 90% ev use and 10% hv use to date and i must say the car is impressive. Have been doing a 47km run into town in ev only mode, with about 32Km  at 100kph and 15Km in town at 60 to 70kph. The car is telling me that i have about 63km ev range at the start and still has 20km ev range at the end on this type of running. With only town use, the car is showing an ev range of 70km.  so not bad for real world figures...to date anyway.

I am keeping a good detailed log so will see how it goes

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