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Altezza Mag


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Hi all i've got my Altezza Mag changed, so now i've got the chrome mag fit into my car so if anyone interested in buying a standard Altezza Mag i can sell it.

and recently i just got my DVD installed as well so i've got the standard Stereo with 6 CDs indash and tape player so if any one interested on buying those stuff just drop me an email or my mobile number 021 235 4468

I'm interested on Mini car as well so if anyone know where i can get it cheaper please tell as well

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The condition of the mag is ok bit scratch and i'm looking at around 1500 if anyone interested,

Oh about my new chrome i've posted it in the gallery if you like to have a look feel free to have a look and i've got the cute dog in front my altezza last year and i haven't got the inside console of my car to down;oads from my digit camera yet i'll do it tonight then i'll post it as well with my DVD player cool huh that's call ICE....

about the mini i just looking for something not too expensive and ok condition still drivable or i may swap straight with the mag.

Oh i still have the 6 CDs indash from my car for sale as well

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