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Insurance for an 1999 Altezza

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I've been shopping around for an Altezza and am trying to get an online quote from the usual insurers such as RACV, Budget Direct, AAMI and Youi, but none of them list the Altezza in their dropdown menus for Toyota models.

They all seem to insure other imported Toyotas such as Soarers, Chasers, Estimas, Alphards, etc... so I don't believe it's a JDM thing.

Is it because it's simply too costly to insure an Altezza these days (3rd party only?), or does everyone just list it as a Lexus IS and call it a day?

What does everyone do for insurance here?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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If anyone's following this thread, I've gotten in touch with Budget Direct who have said that they are unable to provide insurance for Altezzas.

I've also spoken to a dealer that sells JDM cars, and he says that RACV and Shannon's will insure an Altezza. I have since sent an email to RACV and will find out for sure.

In the mean time, I've tried a whole bunch of other online quotes from other insurers (e.g. Allianz, Coles, QEB, etc... and none of them allow me to specify an Altezza either).

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Update to the saga - RACV got back to me but apparently I need to phone them, and this will involve the agent checking with the underwriter. I hate doing phone calls, so it'll be a while before I muster up the patient to dial the RACV general line. Wonder if I can achieve the same by walking into an RACV shop...

I've sent QEB an email, but got no response.

An IS200 / IS300 is getting more appealing by the day...

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