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Sat Nav "unable to read map data"

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Hi All,

  This is my first post (hello!).


  I've just returned to Australia from the UK, and brought my ls430 with me. Everything went smoothly, barring the sat nav, which was expected.


  I'd downloaded a file called v25.iso, which was supposed to be an Australian sat nav disc. When I was in the UK, I tried burning it to a fresh disc, but found the original file was too large. After some digging around, I found out that I could remove some map info for NZ, which I did, and then size-wise, the disc was able to be created, which I did. I had to wait till I actually got here, and have today removed my old Europe DVD, and put my new disc in, and have gotten an error message - "unable to read map data"


  Does anyone have any suggestions? The disc I'm using is a DVD-R.


  Just before I swapped the DVDs, I could see that the unit seemed to be working fine (as it was working 100% in the UK before coming here on the boat), although it was showing me a longitude and latitude based screen, with no map data. I kind of expected this, because it wouldnt be able to pick up anything from the European DVD. So, I think the drive unit is fine, and it's something to do with the 25.iso image.

  I'm comparing the files between the discs, and they're similar-ish.

  If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them?

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Hi Robbie1969,

Did you burn the disc as an iso copy. You need to burn disc in the image format with a program that can burn iso's.

Image Burner is a little but power full program and it's free

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They seem to be more or less about right, but truthfully, this is the first time I've tried this, so I don't really know.

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I'm using "ISO workshop" and choosing "Burn ISO". Will try again with a fresh disc tomorrow, and see what happens. That said, the previous disc I had seems to be browsable through file manager, and looks like any other media.

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So I just tried a new black DVD-R, and tried "Burn ISO", and got the same result.


I put in the old Europe DVD, and it comes up as expected - no error messages like "unable to read map data", just a latitude and longitude type screen, but no actual Australian map. Not surprising, because it's the European map.

Looks like I'll have to either buy one which is known good from either Ebay or Lexus. Oh dear.

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I just spoke with Lexus Chatswood, and they very helpfully told me a replacement updated SD sat nav is around $200. When I explained that my car was an older car and used a DVD, she told me they only have parts supply from 2014 and onwards.

So, I tried Toyota, and was told they cant seem to find the part numbers in their system, and to go back to Lexus, which was weird, since they use the same sat nav hardware.

I then found a very helpful chap who lives far away from me, who has offered to let me copy his Australian delivered sat nav, and he was just happy to help get around the lack of support for older cars from the manufacturer.

I was wondering, if there's anyone on the northern beaches in Sydney with a similar aged car (2005 LS430) if they wouldn't mind doing this too? Happy to contribute to a meal / drink somewhere if it helps.

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