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Hello everyone, hope you all are well! 


I have a problem with 01 Toyota Altezza RS200Z and I'm at the point now, I have zero idea what is causing the issue and seeing if one of you wizards might be able to point me in the direction of figuring it out. 


Here's the issue:

  • Once I bought the car and started driving it, it drove completely fine with zero issues at all. Parked the car after getting back from work for a couple of hours before I had to use the car again to go out. Jumped in the car to it hunting for idle (https://youtube.com/shorts/8UTK0tZtQxs) Video clip of what it was doing.

  • Cleaned the MAF, Throttle Body, Checked Spark Plugs, Checked TPS and nothing fixed it.

  • Bought a throttle body with Premium Japan Throttle Body Kit installed. Put the throttle body in the car and fixed the hunting issue.

  • After fixing the hunting idle problem, a new issue arrived when I turned my car on. It will automatically stall out unless I hold the idle until the car gets a little bit of warmth and it idles fine.

  • After a while, it began to start taking a little bit longer for the car to get to a point where it holds by itself. Now it takes a minimum 10 minutes for it to warm up enough for it to hold.

  • Whilst that is happening, while driving sometimes mainly at night time, if i put an indicator on or brake.. All my radio, lights, dash etc all switch off for not even 1 sec then come back on straightaway.

  • Another thing i have noticed is when i'm driving for a while,my temperature goes below the usual temp it would be at once the car is fully warm then it would start having issues where if i go into neutral to stop at a light, the rpm would drop all the way to stall out then either correct itself or idle low near the point of stalling. But if i'm sitting in traffic or at a light for a while, temp goes up and the car idles fine.

  • I have had the car scanned with expensive tool my friend has and car showed no codes


If there's anything you want extra clarification on, please ask and ill try my best to explain. Hopefully someone has had a similar issues or has rough idea what the culprit is.


Any help is appreciated, thank you. 


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Check your throttle body. Theres a idle control valve there. Or i think thats what its called. You can try unplugging the cable on your throttle body to see if idle drops back down.

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