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Height Suspension Controller - Ase 664


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Data systems ASE 664 suspension height controller for sale brought in for a friend but he has had some financial problems so its up for sale. Suited to a U31 Toyota Soarer GT V8

You can program 3 different setting eg 1 - normal, 2 - Low for cruising, 3 - front higher than normal for going up driveways etc.

16 other individual settings for going higher or lower

Front left/right and rear can be adusted to individual settings

It also has a speed control setting where u can set the front and rear to different heights depending on the speed of the car.

The TEMS still works as the harness this comes with plugs into the air sus computer and then the stock one plugs into the back of it.

The cable it comes with is long enough for the controller to be placed anywhere in the car.

I have the same unit in my Celsior and its great.

Price is $600 as what i paid for it in Japan with delivery to Australia

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