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Ecu Wiring Diagram

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Does anyone know if the ECU wiring diagram found here:


for the US IS300 would be the same for the Australian IS300? Or would it be different?

Also, would the wiring diagram be the same for the IS200 and 300?


This is hte 2001 IS300 ECU, As you know it's different compare to the 02 and 03's, remember they need a blackbox for a Area51 Intake system for the 01's? they don;t need it on a 03 because simply they upgrade the airflow chip...something like that, the US and AUS (Euro) Computer will be the same, not sure about the IS200, should be abit difference.


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Gavin, I had a look at those docs, but they do not mention the IS300 anywhere, only the Altezza's. Also, it only talks about configuration of the g-sensor, not its actual installation.

Also, Matt there is a link to the 2002 ECU diagram in that link too, further down in the page

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