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Why No 17" Wheel Option On Is250 Prestige?

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I can understand Lexus Aus needs to build in enough feature differentiation between the is250 models to justify the large price gaps, but why can they not offer a 17" or 18" wheel option on the is250 Prestige?

Ive driven the car and absolutely love it, a definate sale for Lexus - on the proviso they offer a decent wheel package for the base model.

Considering you get 17" wheels standard on a $27000 Ford Focus Zetec, and standard on pretty much every Japanese competitor $10K or so cheaper (Honda, Subaru, Mazda) as well as some Europeans (Saab, VW), wouldnt it be wise to have at least an option to squeeze an extra $1500 out of customers by offering them larger wheels. Im actually at a loss to find a Car Manufacturer that doesnt offer a wheel upgrade at all??

My partner works for the RTA, and speaks to car dealers daily. The Lexus dealer in the area has been saying since last November that almost every is250 Prestige customer has been asking for a larger wheel option, yet after more than 6 months, nothing has happened.

At the very least, ring Lexus in Japan, ask them to send you 500 sets of 17" wheels, and charge customers $1500 for the upgrade. Keep the 16" wheels, you'll surely be able to sell them to customers or smash repairers if they have a damaged car in the future.

Come on Lexus Oz, give us an option that makes a stunning car all the more stunning.

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totally agree.

I guess 16"s are good to those who wants more comfy ride or dont care about the look of wheels but

I think 16" inch definately too small for most enthusiasts.

offer customers options of factory upgrade should be the way to go.

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